Game Reviews
    40 mins ago

    Valheim’s Lore Setup is Too Good to Not Pay Off

    Highlights Valheim’s rich Norse mythology adds depth to survival gameplay, with Odin judging players’ worthiness through battles with ancient enemies.…
    1 hour ago

    Fallout 4 Best starting stats for Survival build

    While Fallout 4 is far from the most beloved entry in the series, it breathed fresh and non-radioactive air into…
    2 hours ago

    Fallout fans can relax as Amazon confirms a second season is on the way

    In unsurprising but no less exciting news, Amazon has confirmed there will be a Season 2 of its Fallout TV…
    2 hours ago

    Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Build the Best Goblin Glider

    This guide explains how to build a goblin glider, a vehicle in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that…


      March 17, 2024

      EA FC 24: The Best Kits [Top 15] – VeryAli Gaming

      There are a lot of visually appealing Kits in EA FC 24 and this guide covers the Top 15 Best…
      2 weeks ago

      ‘Twisted Metal’ star Stephanie Beatriz: “I forgot that I have to remember lines!”

      In the ultra-violent world of dark comedy Twisted Metal, only the strong (or smoothest-talking) survive. An adaptation of PlayStation’s cult…
      March 17, 2024

      EA FC 24: The Fastest Way To Make Coins [Tips] – VeryAli Gaming

      Some of the efficient ways to make more money in EA FC 24 is through the Transfer Market, but you…
      1 week ago

      BAFTA winners reveal their favourite gaming soundtracks

      Each year, the jury at BAFTA Games gather to decide which score will take home the prestigious Music award at…
      6 days ago

      How to get and use Hogyoku Fragment in Type Soul

      There are many items to farm for in Type Soul, and the Hogyoku Fragment is one of them. In fact,…
      4 weeks ago

      ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ is a Game Of The Year contender – and it’s all thanks to grabbing

      What was the last thing you threw off a cliff? If you haven’t played Dragon’s Dogma 2, the answer is…
      6 days ago

      Jinx voice actor drops hints about Arcane season 2 — and it's already looking tragic

      Arcane season 1 delivered a rollercoaster of emotions to viewers, evoking happiness, anger, shock, and even a sense of depression…
      1 week ago

      ‘Crow Country’ taps into ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’ to create a '90s-inspired nightmare

      Goosebumps. Scream. Furbies. There was plenty to be scared of in the ‘90s, especially in the world of gaming. PlayStation…


        1 week ago

        Arcane's Voice Actress Says You'll Be Crying After Season 2

        She didn’t elaborate, but I’m sure you already have a couple of ideas on how the League of Legends-based will…
        March 20, 2024

        How to get Carrots and Carrot Seeds in Stardew Valley

        There are four new crops in Stardew Valley as of the 1.6 update and one of them, Carrots, might seem…
        1 week ago

        You Can Now Get Official Cyberpunk 2077 Browser Mod for Your Opera GX

        CD Projekt Red collaborated with the developers from Opera Software to release an official Cyberpunk 2077-themed mod for the Opera…
        1 week ago

        Check Out This Game Footage With Painterly Art And Smooth Animation

        Pawel’s game, currently under the hashtags #metroidvania and #RedRagingWolf, takes players on a twisted fairytale journey. The protagonist, The Red,…
        3 weeks ago

        Destiny 2: Into the Light brings back fan-favorite Superblack shader

        During Bungie’s second livestream for Destiny 2’s April 9 Into the Light update, the studio revealed that the fan-favorite Superblack Shader is…
        4 days ago

        The best PS5 bundles and deals in April 2024

        PS5 bundles are looking particularly strong in the US this week, with a Spider-Man 2 package not just offering up…
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