13 Years Later, Fable Fans Defend Fable 3

13 Years Later, Fable Fans Defend Fable 3

Development on the next, long-awaited Fable game is ticking along, and it seems to be reigniting some interest in the original three that started it all. But coming back to these Xbox classics after so long is bound to have us looking at them through a new lens, giving us a different perspective on every game in the trilogy.

No game seems to be getting this treatment more than Fable 3 – the instalment that has long been considered the worst in the series. But now, fans are wondering if we were all too harsh on this ill-fated threequel, with many now sharing what they loved about the game, rather than dismissing it entirely.

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The conversation kicked off on r/Fable, with a Fable 3 fan asking others for their thoughts on the game now that it’s been more than a decade since it launched.

“Story-wise? It was interesting and gave Albion some world building that we needed,” says Reddit user MTGBro_Josh, “Gameplay wise, I loved that we could finally combine spells together.”

Others agree, feeling that the sense of disappointment they felt the first time around wasn’t necessarily the game’s fault.

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“I love Fable 3, but it was my first time being caught up in the Lionhead Hype Machine so I couldn’t help being a little disappointed when I was playing it,” says AdSweaty411. “Loved the story, loved the setting and characters, and blending of will.”

Gameplay isn’t the only aspect of Fable 3 that players feel is better than many give it credit for, as another user praises the game’s writing.

“Personally I think it was the height of Fable’s characters,” says JeffPlissken. “Jasper took Fable’s Monty Python humor factor to a new level, Walter is one of the best characters in the series, Michael Fassbender nailed it as Logan who is one of the more interesting villains, and Ben Finn was one of those really memorable companions.”

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Fable 3 Screenshot Of The Traitor's Keep

However, that doesn’t mean that fans are praising every aspect of Fable 3.

“Whenever I play it, especially after a playthrough of Fable 2 I find myself asking why they made a lot of the decisions they did,” says Solafuge. “Like why they oversimplified absolutely everything from the levelling to the trading.”

“Being King/Queen in Fable 3 was a major loss,” agrees GSDofWar. “There felt like there was no depth to it once you get the throne.”

All in all, fans are in agreement that the worst parts of the game are in its second half, after the revolution. Indeed, the throne is hyped up throughout the game, but when you get it, it’s reduced to a few yes or no decisions. To make matters worse, you’ll need to grind for gold if you’re hoping to get the good ending, so anyone not doing an evil run is likely to find this section of the game pretty dull.

With this in mind, it’s not clear if the next Fable game will borrow anything from the third game. It changed the setting and the tone of the series completely, so drawing upon Fable 3 would be a bold, unexpected move for the new developers.

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