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ALGS Gravity Cannon Bugs Ruins Team’s LAN Hopes

ALGS Gravity Cannon Bugs Ruins Team’s LAN Hopes

Apex Legends Gravity Cannon Bug Dashes Team’s LAN Hopes

The Apex Legends Global Series is winding its way to its next LAN, with teams still competing for their place at the final. Unfortunately, the game has a good number of bugs right now. For what’s far from the first time this year, one of those bugs has ruined some competitive games. One team have had their hopes for a LAN spot snatched away thanks to the Apex Legenda gravity cannon bug.

ALGS Gravity Cannon Bugs Ruins Team’s LAN HopesALGS Gravity Cannon Bugs Ruins Team’s LAN Hopes

Source: Respawn

Start A Fight Esports Lose LAN Slot to Gravity Cannon Bug

Start a Fight esports are headed into the weekend’s Apex just outside of the cut-off to attend the ALGS Split Two Playoffs. To reach that LAN, they needed points from winning at this weekend. The ninth game of the weekend’s Apex though has dashed those hopes.

A bug affected the team towards the end of their run which means they’re going to miss out on their LAN slot. The bug wasn’t anything too new, it’s something that’s been noticed in the past. The team had tried to land at the gravity cannons. They’d come in through Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, which would allow them to rotate further. However, a team member landed on the cannon and inexplicably died.

Being a player down at that crucial stage put the team at a series disadvantage. While they can’t revive them eventually, it’s a setback that proved too hard for them to recover from. They were eliminated in the process of bringing back their comrade.

It’s increasingly becoming a problem with bugs in the ALGS. This latest one though is kind of devasting for a squad, to be locked out of the LAN thanks to a bug ruining their game. Developers Respawn have been addressing some bugs lately since content creators have left the game and many have branded its current state as the worst that it has ever been.

These kinds of bugs in the competitive side of the game go a bit further though. They’re basically eliminating competitive integrity. When combined with issues like Respawn’s approach to skin revenue sharing, it’s easy to see why Apex is going through a rough time right now. Hopefully the Season 17 updates can help get the game back on track.


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