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Best Fighting Games on Steam

Best Fighting Games on Steam

The best fighting games aren’t just for consoles, the vast majority of the top titles come to Steam. Even beyond the standard franchises, you’ll see as the top fighters on PS4 and Xbox, Steam has exclusive fighting games which do things a bit differently. There are 60-man melee royales, classic franchises like Street Fighter, and even more casual party fighters. The best fighting games on Steam are some of the top titles on the entire platform.

PC and Steam are a great place to jump into fighting games. They might not be FPS games, but getting the kind of frame rate only possible on PC can still improve your performance. What’s more, most fighters now work perfectly well with whatever input method you want to use on steam. There’s no reason to avoid fighters on the platform. The Steam version is arguably the best version of some of the best fighting games like Street Fighter 6.

If you’re looking to jump into fighters on Steam, these are the top 10 picks for the games that deserve your attention here.

The Best Fighting Games on Steam

10. Naraka Bladepoint

Best Fighting Games on SteamBest Fighting Games on Steam

Source: 24 Entertainment

Narake Bladepoint is a fighting game which doesn’t get a lot of attention outside of Steam, but it’s frequently one of the best-selling fighting games on the platform. That’s for a good reason, it’s a lot of fun.

It’s a fighting game with a bit of a difference. This is a 60-player PVP game, almost a battle Royale! Combat is done through melee combat. It’s a really fun twist on melee and weapon action you’ll find in classic fighting games like Soul Calibur, and a must-play for fighting games on Steam.

9. Marvel Vs Capcom 3

best fighting games on steambest fighting games on steam

Source: Capcom

Marvel Vs Capcom is a crossover fighter that’s a fan favorite. It brings together characters from Capcom fighters like Street Fighter with Marvel Comics! It uses a three-character fight system that brings something unique to the genre. While a bit older, it’s still a classic and often pops up at fighting game esports events. It’s one of the best fighting games on Steam especially if you miss this style of fighter.

8. For Honor

best fighting games on steambest fighting games on steam

Source: Ubisoft

For Honor is another one of the best fighting games on Steam you don’t hear much about on consoles. It’s a Ubisoft title that’s available across platforms but has come into its own on Steam. This isn’t a one-on-one fighting game of punches and kicks. It’s another focused on melee combat with characters using whatever weapons that vikings, knights, and samurais had to hand!

7. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition

Source: Capcom

There are loads of great modern Street Fighter games but the series is a legend for a reason. One of the best fighting games on Steam is Street Fighter Anniversary Edition! It’s a collection of a load of the best street fighter games ever published. You can play games like Street Fighter II and Street Fighter 3rd Strike and see where the series’ juggernaut following came from.

6. Tekken 7

Is Tekken 7 CrossplayIs Tekken 7 Crossplay

Source: Bandai Namco

Tekken is one of the stalwarts of competitive fighting games and it plays great on PC. How to play Tekken 7 on the platform is one of the simplest. You can hop in today, try out all characters, and get matches with great opponents online very quickly. We might have a new Tekken coming soon, including with a PC closed beta, but 7 is still worth playing on Steam.

5. Brawlhalla

Is Brawlhalla Crossplay?Is Brawlhalla Crossplay?

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

We can highlight plenty of the best fighting games on Steam with realistic graphics and edgy violence, but Brawlhalla is something special. It’s a platform fighter in the style of Smash Bros, with tons of original characters to play at. It’s one of the most well-supported competitive fighters and boosts loads of frequent updates. It’s a free to play fighting game that never gets boring, thanks to a development cycle closer to something like Fortnite than most fighters. This is one of the best fighting games on Steam and great if you want one for free.

4. Mortal Kombat 11

Best fighting games on SteamBest fighting games on Steam

Source: Warner Bros Games

Mortal Kombat might have a fresh game, Mortal Kombat 1, coming soon. However, 11 has some life feft in it still! This MK game perfected a lot of the series’ long-running mechanics and twists. The title is by far one of the most polished fighting games on Steam. If we’re excited for Mortal Kombat 1’s release, it’s a great time to jump into 11 and get to know the series’ mechanics.

3. King of Fighters XV

Best Fighting Games on steam- King of FightersBest Fighting Games on steam- King of Fighters

Source: SNK

King of Fighters is one of the longest-running fighting games, and XV is a fantastic title on Steam. On a decent PC, the series has never run or looked this good! XV has some of the widest groups of characters and most compelling gameplay we’ve seen. It’s an easy pick for one of the best fighting games on Steam.

2. Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive Testament - Best fighting games on steamGuilty Gear Strive Testament - Best fighting games on steam

Source: Arc System Works

When it comes to the best anime fighting games, Guilty Gear Strive is one of the best on Steam. This title has a wide roster of characters from the world of Guilty Gear. It’s known for its technical in-depth mechanics, that can be incredibly rewarding if you want to put the time in. The title also has some of the most unique mobility mechanics across 2d fighters.

1. Street Fighter 6

Best Street Fighter beginner charactersBest Street Fighter beginner characters

Source: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 is a recent release, but it’s one that is already arguably the best fighting game on Steam. This title is one of the most visually impressive Street Fighters we’ve ever had. It’s full of modes, with plenty to keep you entertained online and offline. The mechanics and gameplay of the series has never felt better, with new mechanics that slot in perfectly. Out of these picks for the best fighting games on Steam, this one might be the very best.

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