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Best supports to play with Aphelios in League

Best supports to play with Aphelios in League

If you’re wondering which supports work best with Aphelios, here are the five champions you should be playing with him this season.

Best supports to play with Aphelios in LeagueBest supports to play with Aphelios in League

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The best supports to play with Aphelios in LoL

Aphelios was a game-changer to LoL. He is the first marksman with the ability to wield 5 different weapons, each with distinctive strengths. While he sounds incredibly overpowered, the champion is also one of the toughest champions to master. Up until today, there aren’t many players who can bring out his maximum potential, making him a high Elo-specific pick.

That being said, even the strongest players in the world need to have synergizing supports for Mr. 200 years. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the 5 best supports you should be playing with Aphelios. Let’s see how each duo works.

Thresh – the no. 1 support for Aphelios

If you need some engage potential and Aphelios in on the team, always make sure to go for Thresh when possible.

The two share the best synergy thanks to Thresh’s crowd controls which can easily chain with Aphelios’ damage. Thanks to the Flay (E)’s slow and knock-up, as well as the 99% slow coming from The Box (R), the ADC will always have an easy time hitting spells and auto attacks.

On top of that, Thresh offers good peeling potential as well with the lantern, giving Aphelios one chance of repositioning in every fight.

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Their 2v2 early on is also decent, especially if Thresh can hit his hooks. Quick and fast trades are a good way to harass enemies, and then all in once the opportunity opens up. If you can’t, it won’t be a big deal: Aphelios will scale anyway and use his DPS to carry the late-game teamfights.

If you want to climb soloQ, Thresh will always be the primary choice to play with Aphelios. It requires great proficiency on both champions, but it will net great results when mastered.

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Lulu – The best enchanter support

If Thresh is the best engage support, then Lulu is the best enchanter to play alongside Aphelios. 

She does everything an enchanter does best but also peels Aphelios from any possible incoming threat. Whether it’s through her ultimate Wild Growth (R), her polymorph from her W, or the shields from her (E), she will make sure Aphelios cannot die as soon as he gets caught.

Not to mention she can also empower his attack speed, increasing his DPS to new heights. Overall, she is all you can ask for in a partner for a scaling champion like Aphelios. Remember that this bot lane duo excels more at kiting rather than engaging, so you will need better engage potential in other roles.

Their weak point is the early game, but unless against specific matchups, you will be fine for the majority of the time.

Milio – The Lulu alternative

Given that Jinx and Lulu are a known bot lane duo, there is a high chance the latter gets banned. In that case, it’s a great opportunity to pick up Milio and have him as the enchanter alternative.

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Milio’s main difference from Lulu is his Cozy Campfire (W), allowing Aphelios to auto-attack from a greater distance with the increased range. For most hyper carries, Milio’s Cozy Campfire is one of the best abilities to have in-game. Not to mention it heals the champion, which is a valuable addition during teamfights.

But the best thing about having Milio with Aphelios is the cleansing ability with the ultimate, giving Aphelios one more level of protection. This also means that Aphelios can usually go for Exhaust or Heal, instead of Cleanse, to get better trading ability early on.

The downside of this bot lane is the low damage early on. Milio only has one damage ability, so playing against aggressive, bully bot lanes will be tricky.

Nautilus – One of the best engage supports

If you’re looking for another engage support aside from Thresh, we recommend Nautilus as the second-best choice possible with the Weapon of the Faithful.

The best thing about Nautilus is the amount of crowd control he brings into the lane, which works wonderfully with Aphelios who has almost no crowd control (apart from his slow/root from Gravitum). The support is a god when it comes to locking and rooting single-target enemies.

On top of that, Nautilus has a point-and-click ultimate which can be quickly followed up by Aphelios’ ultimate for more AoE damage. Considering the ADC’s lack of mobility, Nautilus can also use his abilities defensively to peel Aphelios and allow him to quickly reposition.

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Tahm Kench – The peeling tank support

The last support for this list is Tahm Kench, which, despite being quite a niche pick, works insanely well with Aphelios. If you need a beefy champion to tank damage, but you also want to protect your carry, this is the right champion to choose. 

best support apheliosbest support aphelios

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Their laning phase is also quite solid since Tahm Kench can trade aggressively and heal up with his passive and Tongue Lash (Q). Both champions, however, are relatively immobile, so be careful when you’re overextending by having great vision control.

The value of this bot lane duo comes up during the teamfights, with Tahm Kench peeling Aphelios as soon as he gets jumped on. If the ADC doesn’t die, then the chances of winning the fights (and the games) are going to be high. For these reasons, Tahm Kench is considered one of the best supports for Aphelios.

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