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Best supports to play with Kog’Maw in League

Best supports to play with Kog’Maw in League

If you’re wondering which champions are the strongest with Kog’Maw, here are the five best supports you should be playing alongside him.

Best supports to play with Kog’Maw in LeagueBest supports to play with Kog’Maw in League

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The best supports to play with Kog’Maw in LoL

Kog’Maw has always been a rather unique champion. It’s been years since he was a meta champion, but some of his latest buffs have pushed him back into the mix.

On top of that, the upcoming mid-season changes in Patch 13.10 will likely favor his scaling nature, making him probably one of the strongest ADCs to play going forward.

While that is not confirmed yet, he’s already in a really good spot among the ADC pool. That said, Kog’Maw is one of those champions that desperately needs certain supports to empower him, or else he will be just a very squishy, immobile carry. 

If you’re not sure which champions you should be playing with Kog’Maw, we have compiled a list of the best supports that are 100% guaranteed to work with him. We will be taking a look at the key strengths and weaknesses of all the different bot lane duos, so you know exactly what to expect.

Lulu – the no. 1 support for Kog’Maw

Whenever these two champions are available, you should always aim to pick Lulu alongside Kog’Maw. There is no other champion that synergizes as well as her. 

This is because Lulu does a wonderful job at peeling and protecting Kog’Maw at all stages of the game, providing great shields while also adding more damage to his combos with Pix.

When playing against Kog’Maw, the enemies will likely try to focus and use all their important abilities on the ADC. Lulu has the power to neutralize most of the engages with her polymorph, and most importantly, her ultimate Wild Growth.

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The bot lane duo’s weakest point in the early game, so the goal when playing this bot is to focus on farming and avoid dying as much as possible. Kog’Maw scales infinitely and once he gets a few items, he can really the ball rolling.

If you want to climb soloQ, Lulu will always be the primary choice to play with Kog’Maw. It requires a good level of coordination, but playing them together will heavily increase the chances of victory.

Milio – The Lulu alternative

There might be times when Lulu is taken or banned during champ select, especially at the higher ELOs since players will expect a Lulu alongside Kog’Maw.

If this situation occurs, you can always consider picking Milio as the best Lulu alternative. 

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Similar to the other enchanter champion, Milio can shield Kog’Maw and protect him. The difference, though, lies in the way they peel the ADC: while Lulu neutralizes enemy champions, Milio empowers his own ally with the Cozy Campfire (W) and his ultimate (R), which cleanses incoming crowd controls.

The main advantage Milio has over Lulu is the attack range bonus Kog’Maw gets from the Cozy Campfire, which makes late-game teamfights essentially free for this bot lane. Kog’Maw can attack so far away that he can be completely untouched and if something happens, Milio is always ready to make sure he doesn’t die.

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Janna – “The best among the rest” for Kog’maw

If you can’t play Lulu and Milio to a high level, there is another enchanter you can consider playing: Janna.

Even though she doesn’t excel as much as the aforementioned two picks when it comes to empowering Kog’Maw, Janna is great at peeling and disengaging thanks to her tornado (Q) and ultimate (R).

If the enemy team has lots of hard-engage or melee champions looking to jump on the ADC, Janna is a great answer and a good support to pair with Kog’Maw.

That said, this bot lane is specifically made to resist the laning phase and not make any particular aggressive play. You won’t win most early trades, so chill and focus on scaling.

Thresh – The Thresh alternative

If you have seen other “best supports” lists, you probably already know that Thresh can work with most ADCs in the game. Kog’Maw is no exception.

Although engage supports don’t really work with the Mouth of the Abyss, Thresh has the disengage aspect which makes him a decent choice.

He can peel by using his Flay (E) and ultimate (R) and stop aggressions, as well as the lantern to reposition the ADC if he’s in a tricky position.

You can have decent 2v2 trading with Thresh-Kog’Maw, but the skirmishes must be played with a high level of mechanical execution. If you’re confident enough, go for it, but it’s a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that I would generally avoid in solo queue.

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Rakan – One of the most versatile and strongest supports for Kog’Maw

The last support for this list is Rakan, who just like Thresh, is quite versatile and matches up with many different types of champions. He can both engage and peel using his ultimate and W, applying crowd controls to multiple allies. He’s generally a decent pick if you need to have a flexible champion who can juggle multiple roles within the team comp.

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That said, the laning phase is not going to be great since Rakan can’t really peel Kog’Maw, making him vulnerable to the trades. You should be playing this bot lane duo with the mindset of resisting incoming aggression. If you can involve the jungler, try to make some ganks to relieve some of the pressure, or else the enemy team will look to punish the immobile champion that is Kog’Maw.

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