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Best supports to play with Nilah in League

Best supports to play with Nilah in League

If you’re wondering which are the best supports for Nilah, here are the five champions you should be playing alongside her this season.

Best supports to play with Nilah in LeagueBest supports to play with Nilah in League

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The best supports to play with Nilah in LoL

Nilah is one of the newest additions to the League of Legends roster. She was released during the summer of 2022 and immediately people realized she could be another overpowered champion. Despite all the expectations, though, Nilah failed to become a popular ADC choice, due to her need for great coordination with her own allies to extract her maximum potential.

The biggest and most notable strength Nilah has is her passive, which grants additional experience when sharing minions. This effect allows her to gain substantial XP leads throughout the game, as she’s only one of the few champions that can keep up with the solo laners.

That being said, Nilah needs synergizing supports to make her kit work. With its short attack range as well as a kit based on staying close to the enemies, not having determined supports will put her in big danger. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the best supports you should be playing with Nilah. Let’s see the key strengths of each unique bot lane duo.

Yuumi – the no. 1 support for Aphelios

If you have Nilah on your team, you should always go for Yuumi as her bot lane partner. 

Nilah’s second effect on her passive is the ability to get extra shields and heals after a brief delay. So is there any better champion for Nilah than Yuumi?

The magical cat not only empowers her ally with shields and heals, but Nilah also gets all the extra bonuses coming from Yuumi’s kit. This means, in other words, that the two have complementary kits, made specifically to take advantage one of another.

best ADC with Yuumibest ADC with Yuumi

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Yuumi can heal and shield permanently at all times, and by staying attached to Nilah, the ADC will never have to worry about dying or not having shields to protect her. Unless Nilah is caught off guard, the chances of her dying are going to be low, considering the effect of her Jubilant Veil (W).

Their 2v2 early might not be great, but even if this duo dies once or twice, Nilah’s passive will always make sure you can stay even or ahead in experience.

If you want to climb soloQ, Yuumi will always be the best choice for Nilah. It requires good coordination to play this duo, but the results are going to be great.

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Thresh – The best enchanter support

While Nilah works great with enchanters, there might be times when she needs a good engage setup to get into range and use her combos. Thresh is one of the best supports for doing the latter.

Thresh can keep an enemy locked down long enough for Nilah to jump in and deal her damage, while also peeling her in case she’s about to die with the lantern. This bot lane duo can open up for many different combos, depending on the game state and what Nilah has to do inside the skirmishes and teamfights.

Contrary to Yuumi, this bot lane duo can also play more aggressively by doing small trades and building a health advantage. The shining point for the duo is none other than the teamfights: if Thresh goes in and uses The Box (R), he can slow most targets down, allowing Nilah to easily follow up with her own ultimate.

Senna – Double-ranged bot lane

Senna is quite a unique partner for Nilah, but this duo seems to work great. They have consistently high win rates and there are a couple of reasons why it’s successful.

The first is Nilah’s passive: Senna usually struggles to scale quickly due to the low amount of experience she gets. By leveling up faster, she can benefit from stronger abilities, increasing her healing and overall damage.

On top of that, they have synergizing kits. Senna can hit her W to root targets and give Nilah an engage opportunity, as well as getting better healing and shields (on Senna’s ultimate) thanks to Nilah’s passive.

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The last and most important one is Senna’s ability to manage the waves. Given Nilah’s short attack range, she can help her ADC  thin out waves and contest lane push.

It’s not an easy bot lane to master, especially since it requires great game knowledge and fundamentals, but Senna is one of the best supports to pair with Nilah.

Nautilus – One of the best engage supports and Thresh alternative

If you’re looking for another engage support option aside from Thresh, we recommend playing Nautilus.

Similar to his counterpart, he offers great, if not better, hard-engage, giving Nilah stronger chances of connecting the combos. On top of that, Nautilus has more crowd control to keep targets locked down, making sure they don’t escape.

There is a trade-off, though. Nautilus essentially only has one mode and that is to go in. If you need some level of disengage, then Nautilus is not a good pick. Look at the matchups and the overall team compositions before making this choice.

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Soraka – The Yuumi alternative

The last support for this list is Soraka, which is the second-best choice when it comes to enchanter supports for Nilah. While Soraka doesn’t provide shields, she can heal up Nilah a lot more than Yuumi does. If Yuumi is banned during champ select, this is the champion to pick.

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The main issue with this bot lane duo is their early game since they will have little to no agency within the laning phase. It’s quite easy to get poked and harassed by the enemies and there isn’t much you can do about it. You have to resist the aggression and once both you of get some items and experience, then you can start trading harder.

It’s necessary to have good setup somewhere else in the team comp, but Soraka at least will make sure Nilah can fully utilize her combos in the middle of the fights.

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