Bethesda Customer Support Confuses Redfall With Fallout 76

Bethesda Customer Support Confuses Redfall With Fallout 76

Bethesda Customer Support confuses Arkane Studios’ Redfall with Fallout 76 while responding to a user’s review of the newly released title.

A member of the Bethesda Customer Support team appeared to confuse Redfall with Fallout 76 while replying to a user’s Steam review of the new title. Pressure continues to mount on Bethesda and Arkane Studios as Redfall garners negative reception from players and critics alike for the game’s poor state at launch.

Before the launch of Redfall, early previews and the lack of a performance mode on Xbox Series X|S caused concern for many players that were once excited about the new title from Arkane Studios. These concerns were well warranted as Redfall launched with several technical issues and lackluster features. Frustrated players would review bomb Redfall to voice their complaints, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer would go on to publicly share his own disappointment in Redfall’s launch. Redfall appears to mirror the problems Fallout 76 once faced during its own launch, and Bethesda Customer Support may have confused the two games when addressing a user’s review on Steam.


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Twitch streamer PatStaresAt shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that Bethesda Customer Support confused Redfall with Fallout 76 while responding to a Steam user’s review. In the Steam review, the user Avarize does not recommend Redfall for its terrible crashes and performance on PC, and a developer made an official response on behalf of the Bethesda Customer Support team. Bethesda is sorry to hear about the technical issues that Avarize encountered while playing Redfall, and the developer shares links that direct the user to pages featuring Redfall’s minimum PC requirements and a help article for troubleshooting. However, the developer’s response also tells the user to open a support ticket for Fallout 76 instead of Redfall.

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When opening the link for the Fallout 76 support ticket, the user is redirected to an official support page for Redfall instead. If the Redfall player is logged into, a support ticket may be successfully opened. Although Bethesda Customer Support confused the two games, the support link provided by the developer is seemingly working as intended.

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Fallout 76 suffered from many technical issues, and players may experience similar problems in Redfall right now. The response by Bethesda Customer Support caused frustration for some users, while others believe that the mistake is indicative of Bethesda’s current state while attempting to address Redfall players. A few users theorize that the response by the Bethesda Customer Support member may have been copied and pasted from a prior support message regarding Fallout 76.

Redfall’s launch leaves Starfield fans concerned about the game’s release this September. The confusion and frustration caused by Bethesda Customer Support’s response doesn’t help to ease concerns either. As a result, Starfield is a very important game that may help Xbox and Bethesda earn the continued support and trust of Xbox fans later this year.

Redfall is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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