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BLAST Premier CS:GO World Leaderboard | What Is It?

BLAST Premier CS:GO World Leaderboard | What Is It?

BLAST Premier CS:GO tournaments are some of the most prestigious in the game. The organization is relatively new to the game compared to some of the established names, but it has been setting new standards for production across the board for CS:GO tournaments.

To decide who gets to be involved, the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard exists to bring some order to the chaos of so many CS:GO teams. Here’s exactly how it works.

BLAST Premier CS:GO World Leaderboard | What Is It?BLAST Premier CS:GO World Leaderboard | What Is It?

Credit: BLAST

BLAST Premier CS:GO Points

Each of the best CS:GO teams collect BLAST Premier points throughout the season, which contribute toward their qualification to the BLAST Premier World Final. Teams earn more points for winning events, and at the end of the season, only their top six event points count toward their final total. While this might not reward consistency, it does reward deep runs in tournaments.

These BLAST Premier points aren’t the only contributor to qualification. In every season, there are certain events teams can win for automatic qualification to the BLAST Premier World Final. These events change every season. Last season Outsiders failed to finish in the top 8 of the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard, yet still qualified because of their win in the IEM Rio Major 2022.

This season, the tournaments that decide automatic qualification from the BLAST Premier CS:GO Leaderboard are:

  • ESL Pro League Season 17 (FaZe)
  • Paris Major 2023 (Vitality)
  • BLAST Premier Spring Final
  • ESL Pro League Season 18
  • BLAST Premier Fall Final

The remaining three spots will be decided by BLAST Premier points later in the season.

It’s interesting that the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard takes into account tournaments outside of the BLAST Premier CS:GO circuit. It would have been easy to make it a closed system, but this makes it open to all tier 1 teams.

How Many Points Is Each Event Worth?

In BLAST’s eyes, not all events are created equal. It makes sense – some events are certainly more difficult to win than others. This is reflected in the BLAST Premier CS:GO points for each one. The points for every event in 2023 can be seen below.


Credit: Liquipedia

Of course, the Major is the most lucrative event in terms of BLAST Premier points. Teams can’t just show up at the smaller tournaments, as they only have their best six event scores counted. They have to go big at the S-Tier events in order to qualify for the BLAST Premier World Final.

Why is the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard Important?

In the competitive scene, it’s only natural that the best CS:GO players want to test themselves against the highest level of opponent possible. The BLAST Premier CS:GO system filters out the men from the boys, resulting in one end-of-year super-tournament that is among the best competitive CS:GO gets.

In a world where many esports teams a struggling financially, the extra money doesn’t hurt either. Teams played the BLAST Premier World Final 2022 for a share of a $1,000,000 prize pool. The winners received half of that amount, meaning it is a crucial tournament for team finances.


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