Esport Game Paris Major 2023 CS:GO Power Rankings Paris Major 2023 CS:GO Power Rankings Paris Major 2023 CS:GO Power Rankings

With the final CS:GO Major approaching, every team who has made it to Paris faces a fight to secure their enduring legacy in the game. We’re taking a look at the CS:GO rankings of every team ahead of the Paris Major. Paris Major 2023 CS:GO Power Paris Major 2023 CS:GO Power Rankings

BLAST is hosting its first-ever CS:GO Major. Credit: BLAST Paris Major 2023 Favorites

Pre-tournament, our CS:GO Major favorite has to be G2. The roster began 2023 in blistering form, establishing itself as the best CS:GO team in the world. But after a shaky ESL Pro League performance, the team took the decision to not take part in IEM Rio 2023 in order to host a CS:GO Major BootCamp. Fully rested and recuperated, G2 could produce a dominating performance in Paris, which is why they’re top of our CS:GO rankings. The main challenge for the team is coming in at the Challengers Stage, meaning they’ve got a whole lot of Counter-Strike to play.

We’ve also got Heroic, Vitality, and NAVI down among the favorites for the Paris Major 2023. This trio are all automatic Legends Stage contenders, and shouldn’t have much trouble getting through given their recent form. Heroic and Vitality last came face-to-face in the IEM Rio 2023 final, and both have so much more to prove. Heroic must prove they can overcome times of adversity, while Vitality now need to show they aren’t a one-tournament wonder.

Meanwhile, NAVI finally looks to be a strong contender again after a stretch of mediocrity. If s1mple can hit form at the right time, NAVI could win the whole thing.

Rounding out the top half of our CS:GO Major power rankings, there are some teams who could definitely prove to be surprise packages in Paris. We like the look of FORZE, who seem to improve every time they step into the server under Jerry’s leadership. Meanwhile, FURIA have also shown a lot of heart lately, with their Rio performance impressing on home soil, and if KSCERATO is firing on all cylinders, then truly anything can happen for the Brazilians.

Here’s a look at our overall CS:GO team rankings for every team competing to become the final CS:GO Major winners.

  1. G2
  2. Heroic
  3. Vitality
  4. NAVI
  5. FaZe
  6. FURIA
  7. Liquid
  8. FORZE
  9. ENCE
  10. NIP
  11. MOUZ
  12. OG
  13. Into The Breach
  14. Monte
  15. paiN Gaming
  16. Complexity
  17. 9INE
  18. Bad News Eagles
  19. Fnatic
  20. The MongolZ
  21. GamerLegion
  22. Grayhound Gaming
  23. Apeks
  24. Fluxo

G2 made short work of the RMR. Credit: Michał Konkol © BLAST Paris Major Underdogs

No CS:GO team rankings would be complete for the Paris Major without discussing underdogs. Even if these teams would be extremely unlikely winners, they’re still among the best CS:GO teams on the planet, and deserve their starring moment. Our favorite underdog is Into The Breach. This British team came from nowhere during the RMR, impressing with a solid Legends Stage qualification. This roster’s talent is obvious, and we’d love to see them perform just as well in the latter stages of the tournament.

Into The Breach was the surprise package of the RMR. Credit: Michał Konkol © BLAST

Elsewhere, we want to highlight Monte. The addition of sdy after his failed NAVI stint has completely changed the fortunes of Monte, and on their day they look like they can compete with anyone on the server. There’s a lot of firepower there, and it’s clear that sdy’s experience at a higher level is an enormous help to the team.

In our CS:GO rankings, it might be a surprise for many to see Fnatic sat in 19th. As 3-time Major winners, Fnatic are CS:GO royalty, and of the best CSGO teams of all time. But, this roster has struggled to live up to the legacy of years gone by. While they did qualify for the Legends Stage, we’d be surprised to see them go much further here. However if Fnatic can get a favorable draw, there’s still a chance for the team to make Playoffs. It would certainly be some comeback story if the team somehow managed to snatch a Major victory, going level with Astralis for most CS:GO Major wins.

Finally, we want to talk about 9INE. 17th is perhaps a little bit harsh, but until 9INE shows more consistency, we can’t have them higher in our CS:GO team rankings. The main positive of 9INE is that they’re innovators. They can always pull out a new strat, surprising even the most experienced of teams. Like Fnatic, they’re coming in at the Legends Stage, and no doubt they earned their place. We think they’ll have to get very creative to make our CS:GO rankings look silly and progress in the Major.


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