Blizzard Bans World of Warcraft Classic Players for Griefing Asmongold

Blizzard Bans World of Warcraft Classic Players for Griefing Asmongold

Following complaints from Twitch streamer Asmongold, Blizzard takes action against World of Warcraft Classic players for griefing him.

Twitch streamer Asmongold can now play World of Warcraft Classic without having to worry as much about dying to griefers, as Blizzard dropped the banhammer on some players that admitted to crossing the line and targeted Asmongold in the game. While World of Warcraft has not been known to react so quickly to griefing reports in the past, the situation with Asmongold may be a turning point for the developer.

One of the most popular methods of playing World of Warcraft Classic is via Hardcore mode, which is a player-run system that gives leveling in the game an added level of difficulty. Simply put, dying in Hardcore mode means the player must delete their character, with no exceptions. Coupled with the fact that experience points and leveling are much slower in World of Warcraft Classic compared to Dragonflight, and the associated risks of facing enemies that can come at a player without warning, Hardcore mode lives up to its title. However, just because Hardcore mode is intended to be a challenge, it does not mean it is completely lawless.


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In a recent stream, Asmongold reacted to news that some World of Warcraft Classic griefers that had followed him around and prevented him from earning experience points were subsequently banned by Blizzard. The news was revealed by another streamer, Savix, that came forward with messages from Discord and conversations with Blizzard GMs about the situation. After receiving numerous reports from players, Blizzard decided to ban some known griefers, who confessed to their actions and showed screenshots of their ban. At the time of writing, it is not clear if these players were banned for specifically griefing Asmongold, or for griefing in general. While Asmongold stated that he himself was once a griefer, and was banned from World of Warcraft in the past, he knew that griefing is unacceptable behavior and a reportable offense under the game’s terms of service.

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However, the rule’s enforcement is up to players sending reports of these actions, which Blizzard enacts judgment on based on these reports. Though Asmongold has been notoriously critical of Blizzard’s lackadaisical enforcement against griefing in the past when compared to his experience with stream snipers in Final Fantasy 14, he stated that he may reconsider leveling up a new Hardcore character in World of Warcraft Classic knowing that Blizzard is on the lookout for griefers and rule breakers.

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Though it is currently not known where World of Warcraft Classic will go from here, an encrypted test build may imply something big is coming for World of Warcraft Classic players to enjoy. Only time will tell what that will entail.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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