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Brawlhalla Halo Crossover Introducing Master Chief to Fighter

Brawlhalla Halo Crossover Introducing Master Chief to Fighter

Brawlhalla Halo Crossover Brings Master Chief and Arbiter to Title

The Brawlhalla halo crossover is bringing Master Chief and Arbiter into the game, this is how they’ll be added and work in-game.

Brawlhalla is one of the biggest fighters, and its latest addition Is coming from a similarly huge game in a different genre. A Brawlhalla Halo crossover is coming! An upcoming update will bring Master Chief and other characters from the world of Halo into the platform fighter.

Brawlhalla Halo Crossover Introducing Master Chief to FighterBrawlhalla Halo Crossover Introducing Master Chief to Fighter

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

The Brawlhalla Halo crossover has been revealed as the next major happening in the Ubisoft-published fighter. A lot of the top fighting games feature characters from other franchises, and Brawlhalla already has done a few of these kinds of collabs. Rather than being a separate character here though, Master Chief and others will be represented in a different way in-game.

Brawlhalla Halo Crossover Coming

This last week has seen a lot of announcements over Summer Games Fest. The Ubisoft Forward event included some news on what’s coming to Brawlhalla next. A Brawlhalla Halo crossover will allow you to represent your favorite characters from the shooter series in the fighting game.

The crossover isn’t adding Master Chief as a brand-new Legend though. The next addition to the game in that department will still be Red Raptor. However, it is bringing some new skins which put the characters into the game.

Brawlhalla HaloBrawlhalla Halo

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Master Chief is going to be added in as a part of the Brawlhalla Halo crossover. He will be a skin for Isaiah. Arbiter will also be added as a Sidra Skin. These are crossover characters, while skins for other legends all of their moves seem to have been changed to match their Halo loadouts too! This is more of a cosmetic change than a gameplay one, which should make the balance of power between the top Legends easier to keep track of.

Brawlhalla has done quite a few crossover events, even with franchises outside of gaming like Avatar the Last Airbender. Bringing in the Halo protagonist is definitely one of their biggest so far though. This is an exciting time to be one of Brawlhalla’s 100 million players, with new Legends, new skins, and more coming.


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