Breath of the Wild: A Fragmented Monument Shrine Quest (Kah Yah Shrine)

Most Shrines are easy to come by in Breath of the Wild, but there are a handful that are tied to Shrine Quests. This means players will need to solve a series of puzzles before the Shrine will reveal itself. The Kah Yah Shrine unlocks after Link completes the “A Fragmented Monument” Shrine Quest.

“A Fragmented Monument” requires the Camera Rune. Therefore, players will want to make sure they’ve unlocked all the Sheikah Slate’s functions before attempting the Shrine Quest. The Kah Yah Shrine is one of the easier Shrines in Breath of the Wild, but it’s quite the walk from the Great Plateau.


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A Fragmented Monument Location

loz botw a fragmented monument shrine location

If players haven’t done so already, go to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to get the Camera Rune for the Sheikah Slate. Without it, Link won’t be able to complete this Shrine Quest. Unlocking the Sheikah Slate is one of the first quests that Link will receive after the Great Plateau, so it shouldn’t take long to do.

Players can start “A Fragmented Monument” Shrine Quest by heading east of Lurelin Village (refer to the above image for the location) to the Palmorae Ruins. Speak to the man named Garini, who’s inspecting a broken monument, and he’ll ask Link to find the missing three pieces.

Monument Shard Locations

Link will need to take a picture of each fragment to show to Garini. While the pictures can be taken at any time, it’s easier to spot the shards at night. Once Link has all three of them, show them to Garini to advance the Shrine Quest.

Fragmented Monument Shard #1

loz botw fragmented monument shard 1

The first Shard is to the right of Palmorae Ruins. It’s laying in the grass next to the rock wall. Refer to yellow marker on the above image for its exact location.

Fragmented Monument Shard #2

loz botw fragmented monument shard 2

The second shard is a bit south from the ruins. Players can find it in the waters to the left of Palmorae Beach. It’s hidden among rocks and wooden boxes, so keep a close eye out. Refer to the blue marker on the above image.

Fragmented Monument Shard #3

loz botw fragmented monument shard 3

The final shard is lying beneath a tree at Soka Point of Cape Cresia. This is the curving strip of land south of Palmorae Ruins and Palmorae Beach. There are monsters all along the cape, so be prepared for a fight. Alternatively, players can equip Majora’s Mask (DLC only) or one of Kilton’s Monster Masks to avoid rousing suspicion. Refer to the red marker on the above image.

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A Fragmented Monument Shrine Quest: Final Step

loz botw fragmented monument shrine quest

Once Garini translates the message on the monument, he’ll be stumped by its final meaning. Note the two shrine platforms on the left and right of the broken monument. Stand in the middle of one of them, and press down on the control stick to Crouch. Garini will crouch on the opposite platform, and the Kah Yah Shrine will at last reveal itself. Head inside to start the Shrine Trial.

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Kah Yah Shrine Puzzle #1 (Key)

loz botw fragmented monument shrine puzzle 1

There’s a locked door straight ahead, so that obviously means there’s a key somewhere. To the left is a chest behind a locked gate. This holds the key. Players will also notice the two barrels and a moving platform. The platform leads to a switch that needs to be held down to open the gate to the chest.

  1. Have Link pick up the barrel and jump on the platform.
  2. Avoid the first two metal walls by moving left and right respectively.
  3. As the platform approaches the third metal wall, drop the barrel (on the platform) and Crouch.
  4. Once Link passes the third wall, quickly pick up the barrel again and place it on the switch.

If players just want the Spirit Orb, they can loot the key and speak to the monk. For those that want the Shrine chest, go to the right side of the room. There’s a similar puzzle, but Link has to be quick if he wants to solve it.

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Kah Yah Shrine Puzzle #2 (Chest)

loz botw fragmented monument shrine chest puzzle

There are three gates like the left wing, but this time, they’re operated by a crystal switch.

  • When the crystal is blue, the first and third gate will lower, and the second gate will rise.
  • When the crystal is orange, the first and third gate will rise, and the second gate will lower.

Here’s what to do:

  1. If the switch is blue, fire an arrow at it through the bars of the first gate.
  2. Pick up one of the four barrels and jump onto the moving platform.

loz botw fragmented monument shrine chest puzzle 2

  1. Players have two options here:
    1. Hit the switch with an arrow to raise the second gate.
    2. While carrying the barrel, hop onto the wall with the crystal switch and strike it with a melee weapon.
  2. If players used a bow and arrow, change the switch to blue after passing the first gate to raise the second gate.

Be careful not to hit the switch too soon. Doing so will cause the gate to crash down on Link and break the barrel, forcing him to start the process all over again.

loz botw fragmented monument shrine chest puzzle 3

  1. Aim an arrow at the switch again to turn it orange. This will lower the second gate and raise the third.
  2. If players jumped on the wall with the switch, then they just need to make sure the switch is orange before hopping back onto the platform.
  3. Place the barrel on floor switch to unlock the gate with the chest. This contains a Knight’s Claymore.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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