Bungie Scores Another Victory Against Destiny 2 Cheaters

Bungie Scores Another Victory Against Destiny 2 Cheaters

Bungie‘s crusade against cheaters and cheat creators continues with a major new legal victory against one of the most prominent Destiny 2 cheat makers, LaviCheats. In what’s become a bit of a successful streak for the developer of the Destiny franchise, Bungie has managed to bring a substantial number of cheat creators to book for their services, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to stop any time soon.

This latest win comes just days after another Destiny 2 cheat seller lost a lawsuit Bungie had filed, resulting in VeteranCheats owing millions of dollars in damages. Since many of the affected cheat developers service a wider array of games than just Destiny, these legal victories may well end up paying off for other gaming companies, too, and Bungie is at the very tip of the proverbial spear.


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Regular Destiny 2 players may be thrilled to hear that one of the game’s most prominent cheat creators, LaviCheats, has lost its legal battle with Bungie. Originally filed in August 2021, this lawsuit has been going for a while now, only for the court to finally award Bungie a grand total of $6.7 million in damages and attorney fees. On top of that, LaviCheats has also been slapped with a permanent injunction, meaning that the Indian cheat developer is now legally forced to cease its activities. It’s worth highlighting that the owner of LaviCheats, Kunal Bansal, chose not to participate in this arbitration, which led to a default judgement against him on most claims.

Bungie Scores Another Victory Against Destiny 2 Cheaters

Bungie has a long and storied history of legal arbitration against cheat makers. While some Destiny 2 cheat developers have appealed court rulings against them in the past, this hasn’t been successful so far, meaning that Bungie has been very successful in its attempts to cut down the number of cheat developers in the gaming industry. Arbitration can take years in some instances, of course, but this doesn’t appear to have slowed Bungie down in the slightest.

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Bungie has even taken things to the next level by banning Destiny 2 players using third-party peripherals. The specific wording of the announcement acknowledged that some people use specialized controllers for legitimate reasons and the intention behind the use of third-party peripherals will be the biggest factor when deciding who gets banned, but it is possible that some innocent users may end up affected by this policy.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Bungie bungled up Destiny 2 bans if that were to happen. In 2022, the company admitted that human error combined with new cheat detection software led to a number of player bans that shouldn’t have happened. In other words, it’s not all milk and honey, but the fact remains that Bungie seems thoroughly dedicated to reducing the number of cheaters in gaming.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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