Cal Is Cosplaying Other Star Wars Characters In Jedi: Survivor

Cal Is Cosplaying Other Star Wars Characters In Jedi: Survivor

We’ve known customizing your Cal Kestis was going to be a far bigger deal in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor than it was in Fallen Order ever since the hero was shown with a mullet during previews. What we didn’t know until now is that the extent of unlockables and customization options allows players to dress Cal up as some iconic characters from throughout Star Wars history.

Well, technically we’ve known Jedi: Survivor would include Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Obi-Wan Kenobi outfits for a while. Some of you have been unlocking other items and found hidden cosplay options in the new Star Wars games, though. Taking to the Fallen Order subreddit, GroovyPig98 has shared at least three more characters from a galaxy far, far away that you can dress Cal up as should you find the right items throughout Survivor.


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Dubbing them the old legends of the galaxy, the three pictures show Cal cosplaying as General Rahm Kota, Kyle Katarm, and perhaps best of all, Anakin Skywalker. Sporting a black robe and even the glove Anakin uses to cover his fake hand, if you want to play through the latest Star Wars video game pretending to be Anakin, you can go right ahead. If you’re cosplaying as Anakin before he turns to the dark side, the glove-covered hand implies there’s a pretty narrow window in which your imagination will need to operate. Don’t let the dark side pull you in.

Rahm Kota is a slightly deeper cut. While he has been referenced as recently as Disney’s Obi-Wan series (his name was one of the many carved on the wall along the safe passage created for the Jedi) most of Kota’s appearances have been in novels and comics. He was also in The Force Unleashed video game, so it’s fitting that you’re able to cosplay as him in Jedi: Survivor. The Kyle Katarn outfit may well be the most popular with fans if the replies to the post above are anything to go by, likely due to his strong connection with Star Wars video games. Katarn has appeared in multiple Jedi Knights titles.

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As well as dressing Cal up as famous characters from various corners of the Star Wars galaxy, there’s also a way to unlock his Fallen Order outfit if you want to sport a throwback look. While many of you have been having fun discovering hidden details like the ones above during its launch weekend, Survivor’s first few days have been plagued with issues. Particularly the PC version which has been so problematic, EA has publicly apologized for it. Players have also discovered a bug when fighting Mogu which permanently reduces your XP.

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