Captain America 4 Rumored To Undergo A Big Change For Surprising Reason

Captain America 4 Rumored To Undergo A Big Change For Surprising Reason

The production for Captain America: New World Order is well underway, with filming set to wrap up at the end of June. Although the production has been going according to plan, there may be one significant change on the horizon, if rumors are to be believed.

Captain America: New World Order will mark Anthony Mackie’s first theatrical appearance as the MCU’s new Captain America. Mackie’s Sam Wilson finally accepted the title at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Appearing alongside Mackie is Harrison Ford as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley, Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader, Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres, Shira Haas as Sabra, and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross. Plot details have not been announced, but the Leader and Thunderbolt Ross’ inclusion suggests Sam will face off against the Red Hulk.


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While many Captain America 4 details are still unknown, one has been known to fans for quite some time. The movie’s title was announced in 2022 at the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s been assumed that, like most movies, the announced title would be what the movie releases under. However, a currently-circulating rumor suggests that Captain America: New World Order may not be the movie’s final title. Industry insider CanWeGetSomeToast revealed on Twitter that the fourth Captain America movie is currently untitled and will be re-titled. When asked if the change resulted from the WGA strike, CanWeGetSomeToast answered, “No. Writer’s strike has nothing to do with this.”

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If a new title coming, the reason for the change might lie in a now-deleted Instagram post from the account @atlanta_filming on March 21. As reported by The Direct, @atlanta_filming posted a picture of the official Captain America 4 title, but with the subtitle “New World Order” changed to say “New Title Coming??” In the caption, atlanta_filming posited that a title change could come, saying, “Since New World Order is a conspiracy theory AND is the term being used for Russia and China’s political associations, I’m pretty sure they will change the title.” While not definitive, the fact that the post was taken down and is now being supported by different rumors means there could be some truth to the title change rumor.

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Although Marvel Studios has not announced the title’s future, their silence shouldn’t be taken as proof that these rumors hold no truth. Marvel Studios could wait until a new title is decided on to make an announcement. On the other hand, Marvel Studios could simply be ignoring the rumor. If the information regarding the movie’s title change is false, there’s no reason for Marvel Studios to take the time to address the rumor. Whatever title the fourth Captain America movie is released under, it will undoubtedly be a fresh and exciting installment in both the Captain America franchise and the MCU’s Phase 5.

Captain America: New World Order will hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

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Source: CanWeGetSomeToast/Twitter, The Direct


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