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COD 2023 Named ‘Modern Warfare 3’, Has New Warzone Map and Zombies

COD 2023 Named ‘Modern Warfare 3’, Has New Warzone Map and Zombies

COD 2023 Named ‘Modern Warfare 3’, Has New Warzone Map and Zombies

Following the news that COD 2023 would be officially revealed in August, a leak surfaced detailing more information about the upcoming game. It was revealed that COD 2023 will be named ‘Modern Warfare 3’ (written ‘III’), and it’ll boast its own all-new Warzone map and a brand new Zombies experience. It’s reportedly a collaboration between several Activision studios and companies, but the one leading the charge is Sledgehammer Games.

This news has been met with scrutiny in social circles, with players eager to avoid having ‘more of the same’. When Modern Warfare 2 (see ‘II’) was released in October 2022, it was to a relatively negative reception. It was plagued with bugs, missing obvious content, and the skill-based matchmaking mechanics in the game were (and continue to be) absolutely punishing. There’s one saving grace – Modern Warfare 2 was developed primarily by Infinity Ward, so Sledgehammer Games could put a different spin on it.

Will It Be Any Different?

modern warfare 3modern warfare 3

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For Modern Warfare 3 to succeed, it’ll need to be dramatically different to Modern Warfare 2. And yet, if it’s too different, it’ll be unrecognisable as a sequel, and it’ll ultimately miss the mark in any case. It’s a tough situation for Sledgehammer Games, and some players and fans feel that the studio doesn’t have the chops to pull it off. In recent years, Sledgehammer has been responsible for the development of Advanced Warfare, WWII, and Vanguard.

That’s a mixed bag, for sure.

Originally, it was believed that Call of Duty 2023 would be a spin-off or a sizeable expansion for Modern Warfare 2. That concept has since evolved, and according to a report published by Insider Gaming, it’s a full-fledged, premium sequel named Modern Warfare 3. It has been claimed that along with the traditional campaign and multiplayer platforms, Modern Warfare 3 will boast a unique Warzone 2.0 map and an all-new Call of Duty Zombies experience that is being considered ‘Outbreak 2.0’.

However, it was suggested that Activision and its associated studios are repeatedly debating whether or not the 2023 Call of Duty Zombies platform should be free to play. It would be much like the Warzone 2.0 experience – a separate mode that players don’t need to buy, they simply download it and get started.

On the subject of Warzone 2.0, Modern Warfare 3 will apparently feature a brand-new map – Las Almas, which was leaked in a way a while ago. There’s a reference to this region in an in-game map found in the campaign, and in one of the main missions in the game, the region is explored from above, in an AC-130.

Are you excited about Modern Warfare 3? Let us know.


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