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CS:GO Major Records | Players & Teams in Detail

CS:GO Major Records | Players & Teams in Detail

CS:GO Majors are where the cream of the crop rises straight to the top. Over the years, we’ve seen incredible individual performances, and we’re taking a look at some of the CS:GO Major records that cement the legacy of these players forever.

Team With Most CS:GO Major Wins – Astralis

CS:GO Major Records | Players & Teams in DetailCS:GO Major Records | Players & Teams in Detail

Credit: Igor Bezborodov | © Starladder

The legends among legends, Astralis are the most decorated CS:GO Major team in history with 4 triumphs. Amidst it all, the team completed a record 3 in a row between 2018 and 2019.

They might not be the team they once were, but in their prime Astralis were a joy to watch. They redefined the meta which endures to this day, ensuring their mark remains on the game forever. In dev1ce, they had arguably the best CS:GO player of all time, and in gla1ve one of the greatest IGLs. The pieces were perfect for unarguably one of the best CS:GO teams ever.

Unless fnatic can pull off a miracle in Paris, Astralis will forever be crowned the Kings of the CS:GO Major.

Players With Most CS:GO Major Wins – dupreeh, dev1ce, gla1ve & Xyp9x

CS:GO Major recordsCS:GO Major records

Credit: AstralisCS on Twitter

Of all the CS:GO Major records, this one is perhaps the most impressive. As part of Astralis’ heyday, the team managed to keep together the core of dupreeh, dev1ce, gla1ve, and Xyp9x. This consistency is what allowed them to build such a dominant era, the likes of which we’ve not seen since.

Incredibly, gla1ve and dev1ce still ply their trade with Astralis, while Xyp9x has been relegated to clutching against teenagers with Astralis Talent. Meanwhile, dupreeh is the only player with the opportunity to take the record for himself. At the final CS:GO Major in Paris, dupreeh stands an amazing chance of victory alongside a firing-on-all-cylinders Vitality roster.

Most Kills at CS:GO Majors – dupreeh

Credit: PGL

Arguably the best CS:GO player on the big stage, dupreeh is the most prolific fragger across all Majors. The CS:GO live stats show that he has an astonishing 2870 kills across 19 Major appearances, for an average of 151 kills per event. He’s certainly had ample opportunity to beat all of the CS:GO Major records, holding the unique distinction of being the only player to attend every Major.

It’s a record he’ll hold forever, with his closest competition in olofmeister (2591) now benched by FaZe.

Most CS:GO Major AWP Kills – GuardiaN

CS:GO Major RecordsCS:GO Major Records

Credit: Igor Bezborodov | © Starladder

Who else but GuardiaN? In fourteen Major attempts, the veteran AWPer never managed to come out on top. Still, in pure numbers he’s the best CS:GO player to ever use the Big Green. 1111 kills across 14 events is a remarkable achievement.

For many, GuardiaN isn’t quite the best CS:GO player of all time, his achievements overtaken by his younger counterparts. He won’t care – he has already secured his legacy as a CS:GO legend a long time ago.

Best Headshot Percentage at CS:GO Majors – Twistzz

Credit: Stephanie Lieske | © ESL

Anyone can get a kill, but only those with the best CS:GO crosshair can compete for CS:GO Major records such as the best headshot percentage. This one goes to the diamond of North American Counter-Strike, Twistzz, who has a ludicrous headshot percentage of 62.7% from 1417 kills.

He’s known for his legendary mechanical prowess, and he’s shown that on the biggest stage of all. This isn’t a CS:GO Pro League tournament – this is the CS:GO Major we’re talking about, where Twistzz usually shows the best of his play. At just 23, he’s got a hell of a career ahead of him.

Most Aces in CS:GO Majors – Magisk

CS:GO Major recordsCS:GO Major records

Credit: Stephanie Lieske | © ESL

Another Astralis player, another ridiculous CS:GO Major record. Magisk holds the record for most aces at a CS:GO Major, with 8 on the big stage.

For comparison, his only competition is a tie between NiKo and EliGE with 5 each, so he’s some way ahead. Whether it’s in a CS:GO Pro League competition or a Major on the big stage, if you need to wipe out an entire enemy team, then Magisk’s your guy.

Team With Most CS:GO Major Appearances – NAVI

Credit: João Ferreira | © PGL

NAVI hold many CS:GO Major records, but the one they can be most proud of is the team with the most Major appearances. Like dupreeh as a player, NAVI are the only team to attend every CS:GO Major, including the final Paris Major.

Despite the team’s incredible ability to reach Majors, winning them has not come naturally to NAVI. It’s just a single CS:GO Major victory for the team at PGL Stockholm 2021, among a period of domination in the scene.


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