Cyberpunk 2077 has a retro shooter cupboard tucked away in its 2.0 replace

Cyberpunk 2077 has a retro shooter cupboard tucked away in its 2.0 replace

There’s lots to do within the 2.0 model of Cyberpunk 2077. You possibly can interact in some high-speed automobile fight, or re-do all of your cyberware. Or, possibly, go discover an outdated retro cupboard to whereas away the hours in Night time Metropolis. There’s nonetheless a secret or two to seek out in Cyberpunk, it appears.

It was already confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 was getting one other arcade sport in 2.0, dubbed “Trauma Drama,” alongside the beforehand added Roach Race. However hidden away in a distant nook of the map is one other sport: a retro boomer shooter known as “Arasaka Tower 3D.”

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This retro cupboard, hidden out within the far-reaches of Cyberpunk‘s world, isn’t just a neat easter egg. It’s additionally, probably, a step in the direction of unraveling an ARG surrounding CDPR’s work, out and in of Night time Metropolis. However let’s not get forward of ourselves—first, right here’s discover the cupboard in query.

The place to seek out Arasaka Tower 3D in Cyberpunk 2077

The cupboard is tucked away, however not fairly hidden, in a church sitting in the course of the Protein Farms, within the southwest space of the map.

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You’ll know you’re in the precise place as a result of, effectively, it’s fairly out-of-place. Surrounding the church are miles and miles of business. Apparently, this church was beforehand a lot much less occupied than it was now.

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Head into the principle constructing and also you’ll discover a bunch of computer systems, a laptop computer, some numerous confetti of things and ornament, and the cupboard in query: Arasaka Tower 3D. Boot it up, and also you’re handled to a really particular deal with.

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The retro cupboard homes a dramatization of Johnny Silverhand’s combat out of Arasaka Tower, after planting the nuke there. It’s an occasion you possibly can stay out within the sport, due to V’s hyperlink to Johnny by the Relic. However hey, if you would like a Wolfenstein-esque model of occasions, it’s right here too.

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Secrets and techniques lurk beneath the floor

Arasaka Tower 3D is a neat easter egg in its personal proper, however web sleuths speculate its a brand new step within the ongoing “FF06B5” thriller. It’s been a operating ARG for some time, and even bled into The Witcher 3 as effectively.

The entire scope of the ARG and its many mysteries are a bit an excessive amount of to dig into right here, however suffice to say, the neighborhood has already uncovered lots surrounding this church. (What’s it with online game secrets and techniques and church buildings?) People are still working together on bits and pieces, speculating on what would possibly nonetheless stay on the market to seek out in Night time Metropolis.

Nonetheless, even in case you’re not a secret hunter, there’s a cool new retro shooter to play inside Cyberpunk 2077.

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