D&D Homebrew Adds Unfinity’s Outer Space Circus From MTG

D&D Homebrew Adds Unfinity’s Outer Space Circus From MTG

Unfinity was great fun when it arrived last October. As one of the Un-sets, Unfinity had a sense of humor that is not often found on Magic: The Gathering’s “real” expansions, including such cards as Killer Cosplay, Carnival Carnivore, and It Came From Planet Glurg. It was also the first Un-set to include cards that were legal in Magic’s eternal formats, so despite the set’s absolute madness, you had to take some of these cards seriously.

Each card described an outer space carnival attraction that seemed both very dangerous and very fun, which is the perfect location for a D&D adventure. That’s probably why D&D fan Gabe Rodriguez took Unfinity and turned it into a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons expansion booklet, which you can download free from GM

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A Planeshifted Guide To Unfinity contains new races, a new Artificer subclass, new magic items, new spells, new monsters, and of course, a description of Myra the Magnificent’s Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun. Everything is based on actual cards from Unfinity, whether they be Beebles, Plot Armor, or the Clown Extruder.

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Although quite a few of the races in A Planeshifted Guide To Unfinity already exist in regular D&D, such as Goblins, Humans, Loxodons, and Minotaurs, there’s also a whole bunch of all-new races for adventurers to try. There’s the Ainok, a species of dog people from the plane of Tarkir; Bear-folk, sentient bears from various planes of Magic; Rhox, a species of rhinoceros people from Ravinca and elsewhere; and Chickens, a type of flightless aven that can’t fly.

There’s only one new subclass in Unfinity, which expands the lackluster Artificer to become the Hatificer at level three. This gives the Artificer specialist hat-creating tools that let them make a cool hat and then imbue it with unique magics that let the Hatificer use their hat both as a spell focus and a ranged magic weapon.

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There are a bunch of new magic items that do pretty much what you’d expect, including the Jetpack, Molecular Teleporter, Water Fun, and Autograph Book, as well as several new monsters that will delight and terrify your adventurers. Beebles, Blufferfish, and Clowns of all sorts can be found all over the Astrotorium, but also the Ticking Mime Bomb and Spelling Bees (you definitely don’t want to get stung by them, trust me).

Magic Unfinity Alien Circus
via Wizards of the Coast

And of course, there’s the Astrotorium itself with its many, many attractions. Getting into the amusement park will set you back either one gold piece or one soul if you can’t afford it, and once inside you can make a beeline to the Big Top to take in the shows. Or you can check out the Bounce Chamber, the Astroquarium, or the Kiddie Coaster–all of which are based on real Unfinity cards.

A Planeshifted Guide To Unfinity is still in progress, so some of the attractions don’t have a full description just yet. However, they’re all based on the Magic cards, so you can just look them up to get an idea of what each attraction is about.

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Head on over to GM Binder to download A Planeshifted Guide To Unfinity. And when you’re done, check out this crossover match between Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!, which doesn’t make sense until you see the video.

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