D&D Unveils Six New Monsters Designed By Children To Support Extra Life Charity

D&D Unveils Six New Monsters Designed By Children To Support Extra Life Charity

Wizards of the Coast has just announced a new creature collection for D&D Beyond called “Misplaced Monsters”, a collaboration with Extra Life to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Autism Center. It consists of six creatures designed by kids that you can use for your own party.

There’s Coral, Rain, Seth the Shapeshifting Dragon, Dandylion, Scrapper, and Sheldon the Blueberry Dragon, which are all based on drawings submitted by kids (the original artwork being displayed next to the new renditions). You can buy the entire volume for $5.95 or you can get the individual stat blocks for $1.99 each.

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Coral is a flying unicorn mermaid, Rain is a flying unicorn cat with flaming wings, Seth is a giant sea dragon, Dandylion is a lion made of flowers, Scrapper is a collection of constructs that utilise wires and fists to slow down enemies, and Sheldon is a space-travelling dragon who… likes blueberries. It’s in the name.

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It’s dubbed Misplaced Monsters: Volume One, so it’s likely that more child-designed creatures will join these six, and it’s not the first D&D book to raise money for Extra Life either. There’s also Infernal Machine Rebuild, One Grung Above, Locathah Rising, The Tortle Package, and Lost Laboratory of Kwalish. Outside of D&D, Wizards of the Coast has even worked with Extra Life on Magic: The Gathering with child-drawn cards, a similar endeavour to Misplaced Monsters.

However, its choice of charity has come under fire in the past. Extra Life supports the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, which uses Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to “reduce challenging behaviours”. The technique has drawn backlash from Autism advocates and organisations, being described as abusive due to its breach of boundaries, often ignoring a child’s feelings and refusing to let them tap out. It’s entirely focused on reshaping behaviour without any care for what the child is experiencing.

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MTG fans called on the community to boycott the Secret Lair Extra Life set given the charity’s use of ABA in 2021. Two years later, Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life are still working with Seattle Children’s Autism Center and, to this day, it still lists “ABA Early Intervention Program” under the ‘Treatments and Services’ tab on its website.

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