Dead Island 2 Changes Make Game Way More Immersive

Dead Island 2 Changes Make Game Way More Immersive

One Dead Island 2 fan shares a video of their in-game settings, editing the HUD and FOV, which makes the new zombie survival game way more immersive.

After being announced almost 10years ago Dead Island 2 is finally here, and while some players enjoy the game in its default settings, others have taken to the internet to share their own in-game changes that make the game way more immersive. Dead Island 2 is the fourth entry in the Dead Island franchise, and brings the iconic arcade-style gameplay back for fans to enjoy. Although many enjoy the game’s less than realistic gameplay, others have taken it upon themselves to change the game’s settings to provide for a more realistic and immersive experience.


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Dead Island 2 had a very odd development cycle, as rumors about the game being canceled indefinitely circulated for years before it was finally revealed to still be in development and on its way to release. The long awaited sequel marks an interesting departure for the series, as it takes place in the city of Los Angeles. Throughout the game are various quests and legendary weapons for Dead Island 2 players to find. While many fans of the traditional Dead Island formula are happy to see the game’s arcade style combat return, others have edited the game’s settings in the hopes of providing a more grounded style of gameplay. One fan took to Reddit to share a video clip of their in-game settings, which make Dead Island 2 way more immersive.

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Reddit user TheDarkZEK shared a forty-five-second clip, in which viewers can see they’ve heavily adjusted the game’s FOV to its minimum value and turned the HUD off. The clip shows TheDarkZEK encountering several of Dead Island 2‘s different zombies, which look similar to the zombies featured in Dying Light, showcasing the more immersive feel that TheDarkZEK was aiming for.

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Commenters on TheDarkZEK shared their thoughts, noting how they also feel the game is more immersive. One fan writes “I’m gonna have to try that.” Another fan comments that “it looks way better,” showcasing how some fans aren’t too thrilled with Dead Island 2‘s in-game HUD. While many are happy with the graphical style featured within Dead Island 2, it’s clear that some fans may seek for a change in their personal playthrough or sessions with their friends.

Dead Island 2 is a faithful successor to the original Dead Island, bringing the iconic combat oriented game to an interesting new location. While Dead Island 2 definitely faced some troubles in its development, it’s now here and potentially prepared to provide fans with more content in a Dead Island 2 DLC expansion.

Dead Island 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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