Destiny 2 Player Finds Friendly Thrall

Destiny 2 Player Finds Friendly Thrall

A Destiny 2 player encounters something that can only be described as strange, a pack of friendly enemies that refuse to attack him.

A Destiny 2 player found what many players fail to in most of their quests, a friendly Thrall group that refuses to do any harm to them. Destiny 2‘s PvE game modes are full of thrilling enemies and experiences, and this player found what to many players is impossible to find, a friendly enemy crowd that only wants to hang out.

Destiny 2 launched in 2017, and since then, many fans of the previous installment have enjoyed the experience made by Bungie. Destiny 2 offers players community events, weekly quests, paid DLC content, weapons, PvE, and even PvP encounters, allowing players to test their weapons and skills against AI and real players. Destiny 2 players are by now used to a steady rotation of game modes and content, and recently, the game’s developers showed what is coming to Destiny 2 players this week.


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A Reddit user called HandOfAntioch made a post on Destiny 2‘s subreddit, sharing a funny and strange encounter they had with an enemy NPC in one of their play sessions. According to the short video clip, the player ran into a small group of Thralls that did not harm the player even though he kept moving, aiming, and doing emotes around them. At the end of the short video clip, the player decided to use their weapons and ended the friendly encounter, something many Reddit users thought was the perfect ending for a random moment like this. This is not the first interesting finding a Destiny 2 player has made, but it’s one of the most interesting moments shared by the community.

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The Reddit post has gathered some attention since its initial release, and many Destiny 2 fans started making jokes about the encounter claiming the Thrall group only needed some hugs. Destiny 2 has some tough enemies, and Thralls can be a menace if players do not know how to deal with them, so this makes the encounter even weirder. A particular player claimed to have experienced something similar in the past, with some Cabal in a lost sector while going through Neomuna.

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Destiny 2 players are used to funny moments like this, as the game’s community is known for sharing hilarious Destiny 2 clips online. Destiny 2‘s PvE game modes allow moments like this to happen, letting players build fond memories of their play sessions while experiencing the impressive and enticing world built by Bungie.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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