Destiny 2 Players Call For Reworks to Stasis Fragments

Destiny 2 Players Call For Reworks to Stasis Fragments

Destiny 2 players call for Bungie to make quality of life improvements and reworks to Stasis fragments as the game approaches its next season.

Destiny 2 players are calling for reworks to Stasis subclasses and fragments nearly three years after its introduction in the Beyond Light expansion. Although the Lightfall expansion introduced new Strand subclasses in Destiny 2, existing Stasis subclasses have not been updated with highly-requested changes by fans.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light brought Stasis powers to all Guardians in Year 4, allowing players to unleash the abilities of Darkness subclasses for the first time. The Witch Queen expansion did not bring another Darkness subclass, but Bungie would introduce its revamped Void 3.0 subclass with aspects and fragments. Solar 3.0 and Arc 3.0 subclasses would come in subsequent seasons following the launch of The Witch Queen. These reworked subclasses would bring quality of life adjustments that Destiny 2 fans would desire for the Stasis subclass. This past February, Strand would make its debut in Destiny 2 with even more adjustments to the aspect and fragment system, and the desire for Stasis changes continues well after the launch of Lightfall.


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Destiny 2 fan sniper_control11 shared their thoughts about Beyond Light’s Stasis fragments in its current state, demanding Bungie to rework these fragments for improved build crafting going forward. The player also wishes Stasis fragments were faster to obtain in Destiny 2 when compared to Strand fragments. Fellow players agree with the sentiment since the process of acquiring Stasis fragments is considered tedious by many in the community. Currently, sniper_control11 only has two Stasis fragments unlocked for their Behemoth Titan subclass, but the player would consider acquiring more fragments if a Stasis rework was implemented by Bungie.

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In Destiny 2, Stasis fragments may be acquired by completing fragment quests offered by the Exo Stranger on Europa. Fragment quests involve multiple objectives that must be completed in Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit activities. Upon completion of a fragment quest, the player is given a Memory Fragment, which may be exchanged for a Stasis fragment by visiting the Exo Stranger once more. However, only two Memory Fragments may be acquired each week in Destiny 2, so the weekly limit is considered to be a hindrance by many players in the community.

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Stasis subclasses could benefit greatly from the removal of the weekly requirement for Stasis fragments. Destiny 2 players would be able to experience all their new Stasis powers immediately after obtaining the subclass in the Beyond Light campaign. Additionally, the removal of the weekly requirement allows players to spend less time on Europa and focus on the game’s most recent DLC including The Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions.

Season of the Deep begins this month in Destiny 2, and Bungie may finally bring updates to the Stasis subclass if players continue to voice their opinions. Strand subclasses will receive changes soon, so the possibility of Stasis changes in future updates might not be low after all.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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