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Dizzy Guilty Gear Tips and Tricks – Will They Come to Strive?

Dizzy Guilty Gear Tips and Tricks – Will They Come to Strive?

Dizzy Guilty Gear – Moves, Strategy, and Will They Come to Strive?

Dizzy is a zoning character in Guilty Gear with a pretty unique kit. She might not always be at the top of Guilty Gear tier lists, but Dizzy is a really fun character to play in the older versions of the game. With her move set, you can take on one of the most creative ways to play in the game! With Guilty Gear still getting updates, she might be on the horizon for this game too.

This is everything you need to know about Dizzy in Guilty Gear. The character’s backstory, top pro players, tips to improve your own gameplay, and if they’re coming to Strive.

Dizzy Guilty Gear Tips and Tricks – Will They Come to Strive?Dizzy Guilty Gear Tips and Tricks – Will They Come to Strive?

Source: Arc System Works

Who is Dizzy in Guilty Gear?

Dizzy is one of the more central characters in Guilty XRD. She’s a character with a complicated backstory, being the daughter of the Commander Gear Justice. She’s forged her own path as a pacifist. The character is half gear too and has been making regular appearances since Guilty Gear X.

Tips and Tricks for Dizzy

Dizzy is a zoner, so she has a less conventional moveset than you’ll find with other and more modern Guilty Gear characters from Strive, like Testament. These are some key tips to play the characters.

  • Zoning – Dizzy is a zoning character that can control the spacing in fights. She also has higher mobility though.
  • Neutral – When you’re playing in neutral, you’ll need to make use of her fast moves. Her airdash, longer range normal and anti-airs are all great tools here.
  • Projectiles – As a zoner the projectiles are important. Use them to zone your opponent’s movement until they’re pinned at the range you need.
  • Locking Down – Dizzy’s Guilty Gear summons and special moves can be used to lock the opponent down in a specific area, where your attacks can easily reach.
  • Defence – Dizzy has great tips for locking down opponents, but what about defence? There are bigger problems here. This is the drawback of her kit, you’ll struggle to reverse under pressure.
  • Use Mobility – The key to avoiding getting trapped yourself is to know when to use her mobility. Her mobility tools are some of the best, but you’ll need to figure out timing and get a sense for when an opponent is baiting you out.

In Guilty Gear, Dizzy’s skills on the attack suit players who can mix things up and avoid patterns with her summons and projectiles. However, her drawbacks can make her a more challenging GG characters to play. Getting the hang of defending yourself is one of the best ways to improve as Dizzy in Guilty Gear.

Dizzy Guilty GearDizzy Guilty Gear

Source: Arc System Works

Dizzy isn’t the most central character in the Guilty Gear lore but she’s built up quite a fanbase. She’s yet to make a return in Guilty Gear Strive however. That doesn’t mean she won’t eventually hit the game. Unconventional past characters like Bedman are already in the DLC. Dizzy could be one of the next.

Best Dizzy Guilty Gear Players

Improving as a character in any fighter is based on looking at your own performance, and seeing how you can fix your mistakes. You can also look at the performance of top pro players for a character. For an example of just how high the skill level goes for someone. These are some of the top pros for Dizzy across Guilty Gear.

  • Makkii
  • Kazuki
Dizzy Guilty GearDizzy Guilty Gear

Source: Arc System Works

Dizzy in Guilty Gear isn’t as popular in events as some others like Baiken, at least since she’s not in the newest game just yet. However, they’re a character which can really get fun once you master them, letting you trap your opponents and infuriate them with both projectiles and mobility.


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