Doom 2 RPG Just Got An Unofficial PC Port, And You Can Play It Now

Doom 2 RPG Just Got An Unofficial PC Port, And You Can Play It Now

Ever wish you could play the classic turn-based shooter Doom 2 RPG again, but don’t have an old Nokia or Blackberry lying around? Well, now you don’t need those relics to enjoy some monster hunting. The folks over at have reverse-engineered and ported the classic game to PC. Now you can take on those Pinkies from your desktop., a group of three brothers who enjoy “programming, gaming, art, and music”, announced the port on Twitter. Linking to the free download, the group shared that, “Doom 2 RPG [is] finally on PC as promised years ago”. They also included several screenshots of the port, and it looks just as you remember it on that 2009 Blackberry.


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If you aren’t caught up on your Doom history, the Doom 2 RPG is a sequel to the Wolfenstein RPG and Doom RPG. These RPG titles were mobile games launched in the early 2000s. They put the protagonist from the main series of Doom and Wolfenstein into a turn-based RPG that you could take on the go.

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With the Doom 2 RPG, there are two sides involved: the protagonist and the monsters. During the player’s turn, they can perform an action like walk in a specific direction, attack, talk, pick something up, etc. Similarly, the monsters do the same on their turn, though their options are more like attack, kill, charge, scare… you know, the usual monster moves. Basically, the mission is just to survive or destroy a specific monster.

To bring the fun and nostalgia of this RPG back into your life, you can download the port from The folks from share a few things about the port alongside the download. For example, it was made using SDL2 and OpenAL for the audio and supports touchscreen behavior, just like classic iPhone devices. Video and input options have been added to the game, which supports Xbox, PlayStation, and generic controllers.

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The titles also uses classic game rendering “TinyGL” that is used in both J2ME/BREW. However, you can change this using the F1 key or heading into the video options. They also added a rundown of default key configurations for PC, as well as original game cheat codes for both the J2ME/BREW and iOS versions of the port.

So, unless you want to dig out that old Blackberry from the box in your parent’s garage (you know the one next to the box full of velvet tracksuits, vests, and oversized scarves) this may be the best option to step into the shoes of Sargeant Stan Blazkowicz again to take on VIOS one more time.

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