Doom 3 Becomes More Like Doom Eternal Thanks to This Mod

Doom 3 Becomes More Like Doom Eternal Thanks to This Mod

A recent mod for Doom 3 gives the game a much more bombastic appeal, moving it away from its horror elements in favor of more classic Doom action.

Doom 3 took the series down a more horror route when it released in 2004, and its slow-paced mechanics is something one fan wanted to move away from, as a mod makes the game play more like Doom Eternal, or even one of the classic entries. Developer id Software has made its mark on first-person shooting, pretty much single-handedly creating the blueprint for the genre in the early days, with the studio still able to make a significant impact on FPS gaming to this day.


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While the third entry in the company’s legendary action series still has its following, Doom 3 is often criticized for being too dark. The game appealed more towards fans of all things scary, rather than being a more bombastic shooter the franchise had become famous for. The fact that it leaned more towards horror was not necessarily a bad thing. It was just something many weren’t expecting from a Doom game. However, someone has decided that the high-octane elements needed to make a comeback.

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ModDB user rulesnote released a mod for Doom 3 that would fit right at home with those who prefer the insane speeds of Eternal or the 2016 reboot. Called “Runner’s Doom 3,” the project puts the action back into the otherwise slow-paced FPS. One of the many things the modification changes is the overall pacing. Enemy reaction times are faster, weapon swapping is instantaneous, there’s no reload function, player speed has doubled, many of the monsters will respawn after they’re killed, plus lots more changes. A video from YouTube user Ryuji Nakayama show’s it in action, and it does indeed give the game that high energy that many felt was missing from the third entry.

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Along with the 2016 reboot, Doom Eternal is one of the best fast-paced FPS titles out there. Its breakneck speed and combat arena approach to the genre was enough to get the heart racing, with the newer installments in the franchise essentially going back to the fun, mindless action that Doom was known for back in the day.

Considered by many to not only be one of the best FPS games of the 1990s, but one of the most influential shooters of all time, the original Doom showed what was possible when it came to early PC gaming. The fact that id Software then went ahead and made Quake, which was equally instrumental in laying the groundwork for first-person action, shows that the developer really had its finger on the pulse when it came to iconic video games.

Doom 3 released in 2004 for PC, with the original Xbox getting a port in 2005.

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