Dragon Age Fan Spends 200 Hours Creating Perfect Grey Warden Armour

Dragon Age Fan Spends 200 Hours Creating Perfect Grey Warden Armour

As a series, Dragon Age attracts a very passionate fanbase, particularly through cosplay. But even with years of costumes filling conventions across the world, one fan has outdone us all, crafting a perfect replica of the Grey Warden’s armour.

Everything from the look, the shape, and even the various different materials look like they’re straight from the game. And better yet, it’s totally wearable too. Unsurprisingly, the feat took over 200 hours to accomplish, but I think most Dragon Age fans would say it’s worth it for the end result.

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As you can see in the images below, shared by Reddit user pieceofcake_cos, every detail of the Grey Warden armour is picture-perfect. It even looks like different materials were thrown into the mix, with a clear difference between the armoured part, and the fabric.

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Since it’s mostly made of resin, we’d hope it doesn’t weigh the cosplayer down as much as actual armour. That being said, cosplayers are pretty bloody dedicated, so many fans wouldn’t let that get in the way of repping their favourite Warden.

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This version of the Grey Warden armour was used from Dragon Age 2 onwards. While the Wardens played a huge role in Dragon Age: Origins, their uniform was much more low-key, perhaps due to technical limitations at the time. Thankfully, they got a huge glow-up in Dragon Age 2. Just in time for them to take a more antagonistic role in Inquisition. I suppose drip comes at a cost.

Judging from the Reddit post, it sounds like the armour was a team effort, so don’t sweat it if you can’t perfectly replicate it yourself at home. Armour is hard as hell to recreate, made even worse by all of the details the Wardens boast. I don’t even want to imagine how hard it was to recreate those gryphons on the shoulder and get it to stick to the suit.

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Luckily, the cosplay will be able to be put to good use for a while. Based on what we’ve seen of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf so far, it seems that Grey Wardens are set to have a prominent role once again. In a gameplay leak, the player character was labelled “Warden”, so we might be able to play as one yet again. Although that could just be one of the available classes, because having yet another protagonist called “The Warden” would get pretty confusing. Make it easy for us BioWare, yeah? The OG Warden was here first, even if their armour kinda sucked.

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