Elden Ring Fan Creates Incredible Hand-Painted Chess Set Based on the Game

Elden Ring Fan Creates Incredible Hand-Painted Chess Set Based on the Game

One incredibly talented fan of Elden Ring creates an amazing hand-painted chess set featuring some of the game’s most prominent characters.

There are many passionate Elden Ring fans, but one particular fan has created an incredible chess set inspired by the popular action adventure RPG. The unique artwork is sure to impress many players of Elden Ring; even gamers who have yet to experience the game.

It’s no secret that Elden Ring is one of the hottest games around right now. The action adventure RPG developed by FromSoftware is hailed by many gamers as one of the greatest titles in the genre, and critics have praised the game just as much as players. Despite only being out for a little over a year, many have named it a masterpiece. With that kind of passion behind it, Elden Ring has grown a die hard fan base, and it only continues to keep growing as new players journey to the Lands Between every day. Having such a large and passionate community means that sometimes those fans choose to pay homage to a game in unique and creative ways, like one player recently did.


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A Reddit user known on the platform as GreenyRepublic shared their incredible hand-painted chess set inspired by Elden Ring, featuring several prominent characters that a lot of fans will recognize. Even if one doesn’t play chess, it’s impossible to overlook GreenyRepublic’s amazing work and dedication to completing this artwork.

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Some of the featured characters on the board include Marika and Rennala as opposing queens and Turtle Pope standing in as the bishop, naturally. Additionally, Godfrey and Radagon are the kings of the set while the Tree Sentinel is the knight. For those who are interested in the possibility of owning a set like this, GreenyRepublic’s work is unfortunately one of a kind since it was made as a gift for a very lucky friend. Although there’s no chance of owning this amazing Elden Ring artwork, the fact that it’s the only one of its kind makes it incredibly special.

There are many talented Elden Ring fans, and this chess set is an amazing addition to the long list of fan art within the game’s community. Since Elden Ring is one of the best modern games around, it’s no surprise that some players want to pay tribute to the RPG in such incredibly unique ways. Whether it’s through drawing, crocheting, or painting, each new piece of artwork that is made by fans is just further proof of what a special game Elden Ring is, showcasing how much it means to many gamers.

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Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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