Elden Ring Fan Shocked Caelid’s Giant Dogs Can Be Repelled By A Torch

Elden Ring Fan Shocked Caelid’s Giant Dogs Can Be Repelled By A Torch

If there’s one thing that all Elden Ring fans agree on, it’s that Caelid sucks. Rot-filled swamps infested with monstrous crows and enormous dogs the size of T-Rexes? No thanks. I’d skip it if it weren’t required for Ranni’s questline.

But it turns out there’s an item that can make Caelid a lot easier. Not easy, mind you, but easier, and it’s largely due to a single item switching off those giant dogs.

One Redditor just had their mind blown after discovering the Beast-Repellent Torch. “Guys, I have 400+ hours in Elden Ring,” MathematicianHot4685 wrote on the Elden Ring subreddit. “Why did nobody tell me there is a torch that repels these monstrosities?”


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There are plenty of responses in the comments that note the Beast-Repellent Torch’s ability is printed in the name, but few note how easy it is to completely miss this Torch in any given playthrough. The Beast Repellent Torch is only available from a single merchant touched away in an otherwise unremarkable corner of Dragonbarrow, with nothing around him except monstrous dogs and dragons. Not exactly a high-traffic area. You could easily go the entire game without ever visiting.

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Once equipped, the Beast-Repellent Torch can be a godsend for Tarnished looking to have a more peaceful stroll through the Lands Between. In addition to stopping Caelid’s giant dogs from attacking, it also stops regular dogs, wolves, boars, sheep, bears (but not Runebears, sadly), rats, giant rats, Basilisks, and Crystal Snails from getting all up in your grill. It works while riding atop Torrent and it even works if you’ve got it strapped to your back while two-handing a weapon.

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A giant dog roams Caelid.

The Beast-Repellent Torch does NOT, however, work on bats or Caelid’s Monstrous Crows. Those will still attack regardless of the flaming stick you wave in their faces. Also, if the giant dog in Caelid has red, glowing eyes, the torch will have no effect, and the giant dogs at Mountaintop of the Giants won’t be deterred by the torch whether they have glowing eyes or not.

Check out the northwest corner of Caelid after reaching Dragonbarrow to find the Beast-Repellent Torch and teach those dogs to stay away. Who knows? We might need this torch if the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC turns out to be full of dogs.

While some of us are still trying to fend off Caelid’s hounds, others are looking for more challenges from Elden Ring. One group of modders has taken to adding entirely new features, such as weapons, skins, and a new boss called Odeon, the Primeaval Current. It’s a take on the Elden Beast but with a blue motif and a penchant for casting Glintstone spells that turn Elden Ring into a bullet hell.

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