Elden Ring Fans Have Started Making Their Own Boss Fights

Elden Ring Fans Have Started Making Their Own Boss Fights

Elden Ring is over a year old now, and despite being absolutely massive, most of its die-hard fans have experienced pretty much everything The Lands Between is able to throw at them. Every dungeon has been plundered, every boss has been felled, and every weapon has been obtained. With the recently announced Shadow of the Erdtree DLC still without a release date, fans have decided to take it into their own hands to create something new for the community, and now they’ve started making their own boss fights.

First shared by Kotaku, a group of modders calling themselves Garden of Eyes has set about adding a bunch of new features to Elden Ring, including new weapons, skins, and a whole bunch more. Today, they showed off their most impressive creation yet, that being a unique boss fight against a being called Odeon, the Primeval Current, a lore-friendly battle that looks like it was swiped right off of the cutting room floor at FromSoftware.

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You can watch the fight down below, which starts off with the player being faced down by a large blue being that looks fairly similar to the Elden Beast, the game’s final boss. The arena the fight takes place in is also visually impressive, as rocks fill the sky and circle the arena to create a beautiful backdrop for a pretty chaotic fight. While it looks like the Elden Beast, Oedon, the Primeval Current has plenty of surprises up its sleeve, including a number of spells and a big glowing sword.

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Once Oedon gets close to death, the second phase kicks in and the entire arena turns from a cool blue to a threatening red, peaking the interest of any Bloodborne fans watching. Oedon, Lord of Cosmic Blood then pops out of the ground and isn’t best pleased about an irrtating little Tarnished messing up its space. Once it’s down, the arena returns to its former blue color and a severely injured Oedon, the Primeval Current returns for one last rumble.

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If you get Bloodborne vibes from this fight, that’s entirely intentional. The Primeval Current is actually a fairly mysterious force in Elden Ring lore, and Garden of Eyes used that opportunity to headcannon it as an outer god that is “able to get into contact with the Bloodborne universe”. It’s a truly impressive creation, an absolute spectacle during some moments, and a fight that wouldn’t look out of place in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

If you want to take on Oedon, the Primeval Current yourself, the mod is currently in early access for Garden of Eyes’ Patreon subscribers, although it will be free once development is finished.

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