Elden Ring Player Gets Saved by Blaidd During Starscourge Radahn Fight

Elden Ring Player Gets Saved by Blaidd During Starscourge Radahn Fight

An Elden Ring player gets saved by Blaidd at the last minute during a fight against Starscourge Radahn. Elden Ring features many difficult bosses, but the fight against Starscourge Radahn is one of the most interesting battles in the game. As opposed to a standard 1v1 encounter, fans can summon various NPCs to take on Radahn, with the fight taking place in a massive battlefield instead of an arena.

Starscourge Radahn is not an easy battle, as players can easily die to this boss, especially in the second phase of the fight. Furthermore, players are dependent upon the NPCs they summon to take aggro, which can help in attacking the boss without the risk of taking damage. Recently, one Elden Ring player was about to die to Radahn, but they were miraculously saved by an NPC.


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A Reddit user named GrafNebelgeist has shared a video of their fight against Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring, with the enemy only having a bit of health left. Radahn then unleashes a devastating move that deals considerable damage to GrafNebelgeist, and it looks like the player is about to die from an oncoming attack. At that exact moment, Blaidd attacks Starscourge Radahn out of nowhere, staggering the boss and opening him up for a critical hit. While this attack is not enough to finish off Radahn, the player attacks the boss with a final lunge to obtain victory.

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It looks like Blaidd is fairly popular in the Elden Ring community, as many users praise him, with one gamer calling him the MVP of the fight. Another user states that this event looks scripted due to the incredible timing, while also commenting on the cinematic nature of the battle.

Other players discuss the mechanics of the Starscourge Radahn fight, with fans arguing over the use of summons in the battle. It looks like some users prefer to not use summons or spirit ashes while fighting bosses in Elden Ring, although this battle is presumably designed around fans summoning several NPCs. Some gamers also mention that the fight against Starscourge Radahn was nerfed in an Elden Ring patch, stating that the battle was more challenging before FromSoftware decided to change it.

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Still, Radahn may yet be one of the hardest fights in Elden Ring, and new data reveals that players have challenged this boss 139 million times since launch. Radahn doesn’t come close to Malenia though, as fans have tried to beat her over 300 million times according to this data.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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