Elden Ring Player Kills People With The Power Of Soap

Elden Ring Player Kills People With The Power Of Soap

There are plenty of good PvP builds out there in the Lands Between, and there are also plenty of Elden Ring fans cosplaying as various characters from Batman to Geralt of Rivia. Very rarely do these cosplays turn out to be as effective as pure-PvP builds, but Lavender the Soap Sorceress might just be the first very first.

From the brilliant mind of Reddit user bsmiff comes the Tarnished that truly believes in cleanliness. Every aspect of Lavender plays up her love of all things clean, right down to using soap after every successful PvP kill.

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Besides using the actual in-game Soap item to remove bloodstains from her face, Lavender comes armed with the Ancestral Infant’s Head to give Tarnished a bath, and the Bewitching Branch so that they come out smelling like a rose. Neither are particularly effective in PvP, nor are the Oracle Bubbles and Great Oracular Bubble spells.

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What makes Lavender so deadly is perhaps the oldest trick in the Elden Ring PvP playbook. Armed with the Misericorde with the Kick Ash of War, many of Lavender’s kills are merely well-timed critical strikes. Because Misericorde deals the most critical damage of any weapon in the game, a single crit with it often proves fatal. To make sure that opening comes, Lavender has Thop’s Barrier on the Ice Crest Shield to allow it to parry both physical and magical strikes.

Other than that, it’s a Carian Glintstone Staff to wield those spells and the Zamor Curved Sword rounding out the build. Zamor Ice Storm isn’t exactly a bubble bath, but it looks pretty close, so we’ll forgive Lavender for having a bit of AOE. Freezing Pots are likewise not thrown soap, but they’re effective enough for encouraging ranged foes to stop pelting her with arrows.

Over on the Elden Bling subreddit, bsmiff reveals the accouterments to be the altered version of the Festive Hood, Nomadic Merchant’s Finery, Queen’s Bracelets, and Perfumer’s Sarong. It’s not the most protective armor in the world, but you don’t need armor with kills this fresh and clean.

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“This might be the best damn themed build I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote on the Elden Ring subreddit. “Using Souls players’ biggest enemy (soap and bubbles) against them…brilliant.”

Meanwhile, another recognized bsmiff from an invasion and thanked them for providing “a nice bubble bath.”

It’s great to see how we can still get interesting new Elden Ring builds even after a year of Tarnished bashing their heads together. Who knows what other builds we might get out of the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

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