Elden Ring Players Still Can’t Figure Out Fall Damage

Elden Ring Players Still Can’t Figure Out Fall Damage

By now, you’ve learnt that there are many dumb ways to die in The Lands Between. You could challenge a Runebear, get sniped by a Giant Crayfish out of nowhere, or try and pet a not so friendly dog. However silly your death might look, nothing compares to the frustrating hilarity of dying due to fall damage even though it looks like a safe height. That’s just Elden Ring for you.

Every player must have felt like smashing their controller after jumping down a safe looking height, only for Torrent to disappear and the Tarnished to keel over for seemingly nothing. This weird fall damage system caught players off guard when the game first launched, and many are still struggling with it.


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Redditor megardl is one of these players. They posted a video of their Tarnished dying from a fall near the Four Belfries (thanks, GameRant). While riding Torrent, they safely jumped off a cliff, onto a tall ruin. Then they started sliding down the ruin, and despite landing on a ledge of sorts in the middle, dropped dead upon landing on the ground. This video is the perfect showcase for how unusual the system is.

“I don’t understand fall damage and I never will,” says megardl, evidently frustrated at the rather silly looking death.

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“Yeah, I finished my first playthrough and never quite figured it out. ‘You fall too far you die’ is pretty much the extent of my understanding,” agreed rustycage001 who employed a rather simplistic approach. “Slopes act strange in this game,” added Deva_Way. “Every time I fall in one I stop for about 3 seconds, sometimes I even dismount torrent just to be sure.”

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“Yeah, it’s always bothered me that Elden Ring doesn’t follow typical fall damage designs. Usually a midair jump resets the distance. Not here, though,” said Etherwolf.

Elden Ring, Fringefolk Hero's Grave Jumping Down To Secon Area

As always, the community came to their rescue, and tried to explain how exactly Elden Ring calculates fall damage. “You should have stopped jumping, I don’t think it ever registered your landing, so it counted the entire distance as a fall,” said ObviousSinger6217, who felt that the last jump resulted in additional fall damage, as per FromSoftware’s algorithm.

“Until you come to a complete stop, the game will treat you like you are continually falling from higher and higher even though you seemed to have broken your fall at a safe height already,” explained iatetoomuchchicken in simpler terms.

Elden Ring is probably the only game which actually needs an explanation for how fall damage works. Luckily for you, we have an explainer just for that. It comes with a handy video, and even preventive measures you can take to avoid damage when falling from a great height.

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