Fable Fans Lose Hope Of Getting A New Trailer At The Xbox Games Showcase

Fable Fans Lose Hope Of Getting A New Trailer At The Xbox Games Showcase

Us Fable fans are starving. We know a new game is on the way, but the only thing we’ve been shown for it is a vague teaser that doesn’t tell us much at all. Since then, the only news we’ve heard is reassurances that yes, it’s still in development. Aside from that, rumours and reports have painted a pretty grim picture, as it seems that the new developer, Playground Games, is struggling to find the game’s identity.

Perhaps because of this, Fable fans don’t have much hope of seeing anything new from Fable during the Xbox Games Showcase next month. For every other game that an Xbox studio has in development, an appearance can’t be ruled out. But with very little in the way of official news coming out about Fable 4, we might be in for another year of disappointment.


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In the Fable subreddit, fans have answered a poll on how likely they think it is that we’ll get another Fable 4 trailer during the showcase on June 11. While some are holding out hope, the majority believe that Fable will skip the event entirely, with any advertising pushed back into later in the year, or even 2024.

Right now, Fable being a no-show is in the lead, far ahead of those who believe that we will finally get a proper reveal trailer.

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“I want it, but I don’t believe they’ll bring it there,” says Reddit user NovaCrystallys. “Microsoft is pretty disappointing these last [few] years.”

Others are a little more optimistic, believing that there must be something for Playground to show off, since the reveal was three years (!) ago now, somehow.

Since then, showcases have just given us a glimpse at the same teaser, with no new information to go on. It doesn’t help that in March, it was reported that the game is still “miles away”, with the team “not quite sure” what it should be. It was even hypothesised that Fable is only being revived because it was once a big name in the industry, not because anyone actually had any new ideas for the series. On top of that, it was said that the game only recently went into full production, so any new trailers this year probably won’t give us a look at gameplay.

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To make matters worse, there was talk of Fable becoming a “Witcher-like”. This didn’t go down well with fans at all, who very much want the revival to stay true to the feel of the original three games, rather than play catch-up with other fantasy titles.

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