Fan Made Elden Ring Chess Set Lets You Recreate The Shattering

Fan Made Elden Ring Chess Set Lets You Recreate The Shattering

The Shattering is one of the flashpoint events that took place in the Lands Between before the events of Elden Ring. It essentially set up the existing status quo when the Tarnished returned. While the narratice doesn’t actually tell us much about it, a lot can be inferred from flavour text strewn across the game, in typical FromSoftware fashion.

However, you can now play out the battles that took place after The Shattering of the Elden Ring – but they probably won’t be as spectacular as you imagined. That’s because it will be on a chess board. One Elden Ring fan has made a remarkably detailed chess set based on FromSoftware’s game.

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The reason I mentioned The Shattering is because the lineups coincide with events during that time, rather than during the Tarnished’s quest. As you can see from the images, the white set features Marika as the queen, Godfrey as the King. He looks pretty intimidating along with Serosh looking over his shoulder.

Radagon leads the charge as the king of the black set, with Rennala by his side as queen. However, hardcore fans will wonder if Radagon will be able to use the queen’s moveset as well. Both sides also feature Tree Sentinels as knights, Miriel the Turtle Pope as Bishops, Walking Mausoleums as rooks, and Living Jars as pawns.

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Sure, this isn’t exactly accurate, but who wants random soldiers instead? The chess set images were posted to Reddit by GreenyRepublic, who also painted them. They were resin printed using files created by TheHudsonForge from 3D printing website, Cults.

While the pieces themselves are pretty impressive, some comments questioned the gameplay related to this particular set. Someone mentioned how Radagon should be able to move as a queen as well – yes, I stole that joke.

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Another comment felt that the Living Jars should get more respect. “Pawns? PAWNS? Our jarman buddy friend is king, KING I say. His strength may not have befit a crown but his heart, oh his heart does,” said milesjr13, who was probably referring to Alexander the Iron Fist. “Amazing work. It’s just a bit weird that Radagon is the one staying behind and Renala is the zooming killing machine that is the Queen.” said Ezimur, who kind of had a point.

Image showing Queen Marika.

Elden Ring has become quite the muse for a number of different canvases. One Magic: The Gathering fan decided to make cards out of some popular Elden Ring characters. Gideon Ofnir, the All Knowing, Rennala of the Full Moon, Rennala, Caria’s Last Queen, Starscourge Radahn, Tree Sentinel, and Tibia Mariner, were all made into surprisingly balanced MTG cards.

“Some of these feel a little strong for Commander, like Ofnir’s five generic mana cost being far too small for it, and Radahn’s ability to destroy lands being easily abused, but they’re great, flavourful designs that don’t stray too far away from usual MTG limitations,” said our very own tabetop editor, Joe Parlock. “I could definitely imagine these being real cards.”

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