Fans Hope Tears Of The Kingdom Gives More Than Golden Poop For Finding Koroks

Fans Hope Tears Of The Kingdom Gives More Than Golden Poop For Finding Koroks

You may be wondering why the sequel for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is named Tears of the Kingdom. While the actual reason probably has something to do with Ganondorf returning and messing up the kingdom of Hyrule, those who’ve collected all 900 Korok seeds in the previous game will agree that it’s because of the tears you shed when you get a golden poop for all your hard work.

Otherwise known as Hestu’s Gift, this literal piece of shit serves no purpose, and is probably one of the very few things that people didn’t like about the previous game. Sure, you do get certain rewards as you reach specific milestones on your way to 900 Korok seeds, but that only ends up building up the anticipation for the grand prize. And boy, does Nintendo play with our hope.


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It’s been over six years since Breath of the Wild launched, and it’s evident that some fans have not gotten over Hestu’s gift. Over on the Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit, theDuckPancake has been putting up a comic everyday till the game launches. The comic for day 901 depicts the reaction which we all had upon receiving Hestu’s Gift.

While most of the comments were about how they loved this series of comics, many talked about how the final reward was kind of… shit (thanks, Dexerto).

“I do think it was in bad taste to have the reward be a giant golden poop. It doesn’t have to be substantial just not crude. Instead of poop they could have given a carved ocarina. It wouldn’t do anything, but it would be a nice memento,” said triotone.

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“I just finished the game after 3 years without any help 100%,” said Serious_Ad_303. “But I didn’t play every day. Work, other games, don’t let me, after getting that shity prize I wanted to burn Korok woods.”

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It seems like this comic brought back the traumatic event for fans of the series, many of whom must have spent weeks scouring Hyrule in search of that last Korok seed, only to be rewarded with a golden turd. “Honestly, I hope that we get a better reward for collecting all 900 or more Korok seeds in Tears of the Kingdom,” prayed blackoblivian.

We don’t yet know if Link will be tasked with collecting Korok seeds this time around. Well, we could find out though, as Tears of the Kingdom leaks have started emerging online. It’s unclear how exactly such a massive leak has taken place, but the sheer scale suggests that some retail outlets have started distributing copies before the launch date.

Nintendo will probably do its best to clamp down upon these leaks; and best of luck to whoever it deems responsible for this – we know how ruthless the company can be.

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