FFXIV Pandaemonium: Anabaseios release date, item level requirements, more – Dexerto

FFXIV Pandaemonium: Anabaseios release date, item level requirements, more – Dexerto

The last tier of Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium raids will open upon Patch 6.4, bringing four new encounters and the conclusion to the story. Here’s what we know so far including release date, item level requirement, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as an MMO in recent years. The game has seen surges in popularity due to scandals occurring at Blizzard and the decline in their MMO World of Warcraft.

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With the conclusion of the story arc with the release of Endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV players are in the after patches, awaiting the next major expansion. During this time developer Square Enix releases periodic patches with content for players to enjoy whilst they prepare for the next major release.

Patch 6.4 brings about the final tier of the raid storyline for Endwalker, Pandaemonium. The last tier will contain 4 encounters on both a normal and savage difficulty. Wanting to prepare before the raid’s release? We’ve got you covered.

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Themis in Final fantasy XIVThemis in Final fantasy XIVSquare Enix

Themis will likely be accompanying the Warrior of Light on their journey through Anabaseios.

FFXIV Pandaemonium Anabaseios release date

FFXIV’s Pandaemonium: Anabaseios will release with Patch 6.4. According to Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.4 website, the update is slated to release sometime in late May. It’s likely that the update will drop on May 23, 2023, with Anabaseios also releasing the same day.

The savage difficulty of this raid will drop one week after the release of the patch. Therefore, it’s likely that the Savage Difficulty of Pandaemonium Anabseios will release on May 30, 2023.

We should have an exact confirmation about this release date after the next live letter which occurs on the 12th of May.

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FFXIV Pandaemonium Anabaseios item level requirement

Anabaseios’ item level requirement is likely to be 605. As the previous tiers were both 565 and 585 respectively.

Players must fulfill this requirement in order to enter the duty. However, on Savage Difficulty, it is encouraged to bring in as high of an item level as possible in order to meet the DPS checks.

FFXIV Pandaemonium Anabaseios what to expect

Pandaemonium Anabaseios will continue the storyline of Pandaemonium, the raid questline for Endwalker. Anabaseios will have 4 encounters like the previous tiers. Each one will require the previous one to unlock as well as the completion of the questline.

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Savage Difficulty works similarly to this, however, you won’t need to complete the questline like normal mode. Alongside this, the Savage Difficulty of this raid tier is expected to be quite difficult, as it is the final tier within the raid series.


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