Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reveals New Details About Young Tifa

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reveals New Details About Young Tifa

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gives fans some new details about the thought process in re-designing the younger version of Tifa Lockhart.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake reveals some new details about the process of re-imagining the design of the younger version of Tifa Lockhart. Tifa is one of the FF7‘s most popular party members, right alongside Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough. Even before the remake, she’s had plenty of cosplays, fan art, and other things dedicated to her and her iconic design. Her younger self also has some traits that make her recognizable despite how different she would become in her adult life.


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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans get to see two flashbacks involving the younger versions of Tifa and Cloud. The first is seen near the beginning of the game, where Jessie asks if the two were close, complete with a flashback from Cloud’s perspective. The second happens later in the game, with the flashback showing the iconic Water Tower scene between the two, with Cloud expressing his goal of joining SOLDIER. Some new details about the designs for Young Tifa were revealed by the game’s official Twitter.

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This tweet was shared in correspondence with Children’s Day, a holiday that ends Japan’s Golden Week Calendar. This tweet showed off both concept art of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and how it compares to the in-game screenshots. In both pieces of art, Tifa wears a set of dresses when she was eight and 13, very different from the sporty athletic gear she’d be associated with later in life.

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Some interesting details about the dresses themselves were also shared, such as the white dress she wore when she was eight actually being designed with pockets, making it a very convenient dress for Tifa to wear. She also sports a pair of socks with lace-up sandals during this period. When Tifa became thirteen, she traded out her socks and sandals for a set of higher-heeled shoes, forgoing pockets in her green dress, which is similar to the design she wore in the original. It’s also evident that young Tifa wore her hair loose, while her present look ties it back into a ponytail so that’d she would have an easier time fighting.

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The official Twitter account for the game has shared concept art about its characters during a relevant holiday, such as when fans got a look at Cloud Strife’s mother to celebrate Mother’s Day. Fans appreciated how much work went into redesigning the younger Lockhart, and loved the smaller details that they didn’t notice the first time they played the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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