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FNCS Surge Week Review – Final Teams Grab Spot at Fortnite Major 2

FNCS Surge Week Review – Final Teams Grab Spot at Fortnite Major 2

The FNCS is getting closer and closer to its conclusion for the 2023 season! We’ve already seen quite a few Duos get their slots at the FNCS Fortnite Major 2 through the qualifying weeks. However, the FNCS Fortnite Surge Week has just gone down over the weekend with some dramatic results. This was the final chance to make the grade for Chapter 4 Season 2. So how did the Duos do?

FNCS Surge Week Review – Final Teams Grab Spot at Fortnite Major 2FNCS Surge Week Review – Final Teams Grab Spot at Fortnite Major 2

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FNCS Fortnite Surge Week

The Surge Week is the final qualifying round for the FNCS Major Teams. This is a final session where they’re able to secure a slot at the Major. Just like the FNCS Major 1, the second Major is one of a few opportunities to take a slot at the end of year LAN, but also the claim to winning this Season for competitive Fortnite.

The Surge Week has a similar format to the other rounds of the FNCS. There are 3 hours to play and 5 games possible for teams to play in. They get points for elims and placement. The top 5 teams on the leaderboard move forward to the Grand Finals. However, 5 more Duos with a Victory Royale and highest in the leaderboard also move upwards to the Fortnite Major 2.

Europe FNCS Fortnite Surge Week

In Europe, quite a few teams have moved forward. Floki and Clement had one of the more interesting runs out of the remaining Fortnite esports teams though. They might not have topped out the charts, but they’ve secured a slot at the major thanks their strong performance. These are all of the Fortnite esports Duos that have qualified here:

  • IDrop and Mappi
  • Floki and Clement
  • PabloWingu and bevvys
  • Cosmo and Jae
  • Jur3ky and Fredoxie
  • Stenno and Liwshe
  • Gabix and Shmeky
  • Kombek and Artor
  • Kefyy and Purchawa
  • Toose and Putrick

North America

A lot of the major names in North America have already made the cut, but one of Major 1’s biggest Duos only just slipped in during this Surge Week. Thorik and Boltz have secured their spot. Coming off a win in Major 1, it’s a rougher ride for this time around. This might end up being a big factor in the Finals.

  • Smallzy and DiegoPlayz
  • Giants and Sprite
  • Seek and Lawrence
  • Kwah and Jahq
  • Mason and Scoped
  • Thorik and Boltz
  • Casqer and clarity
  • Megga and Snake
  • Shadow and Paper
  • Zyda and On1

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Other Regions for FNCS Fortnite Surge Week

Europe and North America definitely get more focus when it comes to the FNCS. However, the other regions for the FNCS Fortnite Major still have some great players in each round. These are the qualifying Duos from these other regions that have made it through to the Fortnite Major 2.


  • KaykyGames and Suetam
  • Lewa and Randu
  • H4wwk and Liimaa
  • Sender and Wased
  • Keicox and Danielz
  • Kurtz and Retake
  • Renato and Spitflow
  • Slw and GSX
  • Benado axadasz
  • Kuxy and Texz


  • Allen and Leyynar
  • Merman and Reinder
  • Raru and Dog
  • Yama and ほちゃ
  • Onymacaron
  • Mqkafishy
  • しゅんてゃん and Rui
  • Kogane and RqzriM3
  • SPRINGHERO and FuuKun
  • 1Ash and ぴーすけ
  • れなえもん and Saya


  • Rye and MS
  • Mana and Mace
  • Volx and looter
  • Godwings and Clapmist
  • Tinka and Eshz
  • Radius and Sync
  • JengaOce and Gwooble
  • Bathan and Tyycho
  • Jxsn and Yuleys
  • 2Faulty and Mooteea

Middle East

  • DRaFTell and Kai
  • 3jmy and Just K1nG
  • Epikmeshal and O_RFB
  • Astra and WCAEQ
  • N7R and Mjr
  • J4Vix and Rafalillo
  • QISI and Sweatykun
  • Fer30n and Devy9x
  • Iegyx2030 and Mightyeedy
  • BARQ and Drone

Those are all of the teams that have made it through to the finals this time around. We’ve still got a while left before we find a winner. If you’re looking to watch the best Fortnite players competing though, everyone coming through in this Surge Week has proven themselves ahead of the Major, where the season’s top players will all clash.


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