Former Nintendo of America President Quotes Taken Over Tears Of The Kingdom Leak

Former Nintendo of America President Quotes Taken Over Tears Of The Kingdom Leak

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé is a beloved figure in the gaming industry, who established a reputation as one of the more light-hearted and relatable video game executives out there during his time at the company. His iconic quotes such as “my body is ready” when playing Wii Fit, and his love for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo DS, made him very popular among fans. It’s a reputation that he continues to lean into now that he’s retired.

You’ll often find him making jokes and commenting on the games industry via his Twitter account, but his most recent tweet regarding a Tears of the Kingdom leak is raising eyebrows. Nintendo has been working overtime to try and stamp out Zelda leaks cropping up all over the Internet over the past few days, and Twitter user iamahumanandiamagamer joined in with their own earlier today. In their tweet, they post a picture of Tears of the Kingdom loaded onto their Switch with the ‘Playing’ icon clearly displayed underneath.


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Not a particularly threatening leak, especially compared to the rest of the footage going around online, but Fils-Aimé decided that this was going to be the one to poke fun at. Rather than simply commenting on the leak and wondering how this individual may have obtained the title so soon, he decides to quote Liam Neeson’s famous phone speech from the movie Taken, although doesn’t actually threaten to kill them.

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Understandably rattled by the very weird quote tweet from a former president of one of the world’s biggest game companies, they then delete their account, only for Fils-Aimé to proudly upload a screenshot of the exchange later on to encapsulate the moment forever.

Obviously, Fils-Aimé doesn’t work for Nintendo anymore so can’t exactly force it to take legal action against the individual, and this is more likely a jokey little nod to all of the leaks flying around at the moment. However, coming off the back of Nintendo saddling the recently released hacker Gary Bowser with debt for the rest of his life, and Wizards of the Coast sending the Pinkertons to retrieve Magic: The Gathering cards that were accidentally sold early, the joke comes across as a little tone deaf.

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Fils-Aimé may not work for Nintendo any more, but he’s still closely associated with the company, and a former president making what could be considered a vague threat (albeit in a jokey manner) over a Tears of the Kingdom leak isn’t a great look.

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