Fortnite Adds Star Wars Battle Pass

Fortnite Adds Star Wars Battle Pass

The Fortnite Star Wars event is bigger than anyone could’ve ever predicted, and now fans will able to unlock tons of cosmetics with a new Battle Pass.

The Fortnite x Star Wars crossover will include a huge three-week-long event with its own mini-Battle Pass. Fortnite has teamed up with various known brands and franchises to create unique content, resulting in some awesome Fortnite collabs, and they will certainly continue to happen as the game is still widely popular worldwide. These partnerships are great for the fans since they get a continuous flow of new content, and it’s especially fun for those who enjoy both sides of the collaboration.


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Recently, leaks hinted towards the possibility of another Star Wars and Fortnite crossover event. This didn’t come as a surprise because the two have come together in the past and delivered content that was quite successful with the game’s fan base. Eventually, Epic Games confirmed an upcoming Star Wars event to celebrate May the 4th, and it even revealed that an Anakin Skywalker skin would be coming to the Item Shop once the Star Wars update went live.

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It turns out that the event is going to have bigger dimensions than most people probably expected. Just like last season’s Most Wanted Fortnite event, a Star Wars-themed mini-Battle Pass called Find the Force will be added to the game, and players will be able to unlock cosmetic items as they progress through it by completing several quests. Gamers can progress through the standard version of the event pass or they can pay 1,000 V-Bucks and get access to even more items.

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With the free Find the Force Battle Pass players will be able to unlock the Clone Trooper skin, but if they get the paid pack, they can also unlock the Coruscant Guard skin as well as the Wolf Pack Trooper, the Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper, and Darth Maul. Although some fans were upset that they would have to pay to get access to the premium version of the pass, it does contain a lot of new content.

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According to Twitter user iFireMonkey, some of the cosmetic items will be available in the Item Shop in the future at a higher price. Darth Maul will most likely cost 1,500 V-Bucks like the other main Star Wars skins available in Fortnite, so gamers who plan on attempting to complete the Find the Force quests should consider purchasing the Premium reward pack as it’ll end up being cheaper.

The Fortnite Find the Force event is currently available and will run until May 23 at 9 AM ET. On May 7 at 10 AM ET, the second half of the Find the Force quests will be released, and gamers will be able to claim the remaining rewards.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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