Fortnite Find the Force Quests: How to get all Star Wars skins & rewards – Dexerto

Fortnite Find the Force Quests: How to get all Star Wars skins & rewards – Dexerto

The latest Fortnite update includes a new set of challenges called Find the Force Quests, which rewards players with Star Wars-themed skins and cosmetics. Here’s how to get them all.

Every time a new crossover is added to Fortnite, players get a range of free cosmetics, in-game items, and challenges that may help them level up their Battle Pass more quickly as they reward them with more XP.

For several years, players have enjoyed Star Wars x Fortnite crossovers, which allow users to wield Lightsabers in-game and wear outfits of their favorite characters from the blockbuster film series.

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New characters from the Prequel Trilogy and a bunch of Force abilities are available to players via Rift encounters in Fortnite’s newest v24.30 update. Moreover, a new questline called Find the Force has been introduced, and players who complete it will receive free rewards.

All Fortnite Find the Force Quests

Fortnite Find the Force QuestsFortnite Find the Force QuestsEpic Games

Head over to Find the Force Quests tab to see the rewards you can get

You may access the most recent Find the Force Quests by scrolling across to the Jedi icon to the right of the Play button on the Menu Tab.

Complete them by engaging in activities that help you level up such as learning Force Abilities from other Jedi and Sith, using your lightsaber to eliminate your opponents, and opening Republic Chests.

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The Find the Force Quests are organized into three primary groups, with specific Quests corresponding to each film in the Prequel Trilogy. Each wave of Find the Force Quests will release at different times in the game until May 23 at 9 AM ET.

The Force Within Quests

The Force Within Quests went live on May 2 at 9 AM ET. Here are all the challenges and rewards associated with the questline and the reward you can get from each quest:

Quest Reward
Land during Find the Force (5) 200 Galactic Reputation
Learn Force abilities at Rift Gates in different matches (3) 200 Galactic Reputation
Search a Republic chest (1) 200 Galactic Reputation
Travel distance on foot at night (500) 200 Galactic Reputation
Damage an enemy player that is wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster (1) 200 Galactic Reputation
Destroy objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars weapon (50) 200 Galactic Reputation
Collect ammo at named locations (250) 200 Galactic Reputation
Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon (2) 200 Galactic Reputation
Hire a character (1) 200 Galactic Reputation
Travel distance in vehicles (1138) 200 Galactic Reputation
Survive Storm Circles (25) 250 Galactic Reputation
Outlast opponents (250) 250 Galactic Reputation
Win a Victory Royale (1) 250 Galactic Reputation
Travel distance while sprinting (1000) 250 Galactic Reputation
Travel distance while sliding (327) 250 Galactic Reputation
Travel distance while on foot (2500) 250 Galactic Reputation
Search Chests (7) 200 Galactic Reputation
Outlast Opponents (75) 200 Galactic Reputation
Restore Health (100) 250 Galactic Reputation
Gain Shields (200) 250 Galactic Reputation
Restore Health or Gain Shields (300) 250 Galactic Reputation

Begun the Clone Wars Have Quests

This set of quests will go live on May 7 at 9 AM ET.

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Fall of the Republic Quests

This set of quests will go live on May 12 at 9 AM ET.

The First Galactic Empire Quests

This set of quests will go live on May 17 at 9 AM ET.

We’ll keep this guide updated as soon as the next set in the questline drops in Fortnite.

All Find the Force Quest Rewards

Fortnite Find the Force Premium Reward TrackFortnite Find the Force Premium Reward TrackEpic Games

Players can purchase the Premium Reward track to get additional rewards

Your Galactic Reputation will rise as you complete Find the Force Quests, and the higher your reputation, the better rewards you’ll be eligible for. The tab contains both the Free reward track and the Premium Reward Track upgrade, the latter of which may be obtained for a one-time payment of 1,000 V-Bucks.

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The free reward track has 11 rewards, the last of which is the Clone Trooper Outfit. You may get even more items than the free reward track offers (without doing any extra Quests) if you upgrade to the Premium Reward Track.

The Darth Maul Outfit is one of 11 items available after purchasing the Premium Reward Track upgrade for 1,000 V-Bucks. Here are all the rewards you can get as you redeem your Galactic Reputation Tokens in Fortnite:

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Galactic Reputation Required Free Reward Premium Reward
1000 Army of Clones Emoticon Sith Probe Droid Back Bling
2000 Level Up Token Level Up Token
3000 The Fall of the Republic Loading Screen Maul’s Malice Spray
4000 Republic Army Backpack Back Bling Wolf Pack Trooper Outfit
5000 Trooper Formation Spray Darth Maul Snarl Emoticon
6000 Level Up Token Level Up Token
7000 Kamino’s Finest Weapon Wrap Menacing Presence Weapon Wrap
8000 Lil’ Podracer Emote Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper
9000 Galactic Roundel Spray Maul’s Poleaxe Harvesting Tool
10000 Level Up Token Level Up Token
11000 Clone Trooper Outfit Darth Maul Outfit

Additionally, a Sith Holocron is awarded for completing a set of twelve Quests. To get the Sith Infiltrator Glider, you must first earn three Sith Holocrons.

You may also acquire a free Coruscant’s Pride Weapon Wrap by sharing your screen in Discord for 15 minutes while playing Fortnite with a buddy, at which point you will get a login link from Epic Games. As soon as you login, the reward will be added to your Fortnite locker.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Find The Force Quests so far, but make sure you check back as we’ll keep this guide updated when more challenges are released.

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