Fortnite Update Hints At Another Volcano Eruption Event

Fortnite Update Hints At Another Volcano Eruption Event

Fortnite’s map has evolved so much during its almost-six years since launch that not only is it unrecognizable, but just about everything you could imagine has been a part of it. It’s only natural Epic start reintroducing elements we’ve seen before, and the next example of that could be a brand new Fortnite volcano. That’s certainly what some of its players think as the theories start to stack up and the datamining discoveries begin to back them up.

The latest hints, and perhaps the most concrete evidence so far, that Fortnite will be getting another volcano next season were discovered in this week’s update files by Hypex. Hypex shared on Twitter that Epic has added volcano sounds to the game’s files, including thunder, rumble, and earth move. Earthquakes are also in there again which naturally go hand-in-hand with a massive volcano on a relatively tiny island.

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The volcano theories were flying even before earthquakes and volcano noises were re-added to Fortnite’s files. Although the current season’s theme has been Mega, one rooted in a futuristic feel, HocusJocusLusio points to an area outside of Fortnite’s Mega city in the YouTube video below. A mountain on the map that not only has a dip on the top that looks a lot like it might easily become a crater, but that potential crater is also filled with geysers. Might the water jetting out of those geysers be powered by a volcano bubbling away beneath the surface?

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All of the above points to the overarching theory fans have about chapter four as a whole. A theory that seems to become more and more feasible every time Fortnite receives an update. That this chapter’s seasons are just chapter one’s in reverse. Season one revolved around rifts in the same way that season X, chapter one’s final season, did. Now its Mega season bears a lot of similarities to the futuristic-themed one that called Fortnite home during chapter one, season nine.

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If that theory continues to be proven accurate, season three will be jungle/tropical themed and yes, it will have a volcano. Not only might that mean we get some sort of volcanic eruption next season, but it might also mean we can forecast the rest of chapter four’s themes if the pattern continues. Fortnite’s current season is slated to come to an end on June 9 after its date was pushed back every so slightly last week.

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