Gamers Debate Whether To Stick With Or Drop Unenjoyable Games

Gamers Debate Whether To Stick With Or Drop Unenjoyable Games

In the wide world of video games, the debate between finishing games for the sake of completion or dropping them if they’re not enjoyable enough has been ongoing for quite some time now. A recent thread on Resetera has reignited the conversation around this particular topic, with gamers sharing their thoughts and experiences on whether they feel compelled to finish games they aren’t thoroughly enjoying.

The original poster, Mcruz79, began the conversation by asking “if you play a game for more than two or three hours, do you feel ok to drop it if you are not liking, or you almost always try to finish?” The question came in the form of a poll, garnering well over 500 responses and sparking a lively discussion on the platform, many gamers sharing their personal preferences and experiences when it comes to dropping games they don’t quite like anymore.


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The user going by the name of Aiswyda remarked that “generally, if I’m not enjoying a game in the first few hours, I drop it. If I end up disliking it closer to the end, I’ll probably finish it just to be able to be like yeah, I tried the whole game, didn’t like it. There are some exceptions both ways.” The sentiment was echoed by many others who saw no point in continuing to play a game if they aren’t finding the fun.

Gamers Debate Whether To Stick With Or Drop Unenjoyable Games

Some users on the platform, on the other hand, argued that dropping a game too soon might mean missing out on a great experience. “Normally, if I buy a game, I usually won’t drop it, but I’ve usually done my research before the purchase anyways, so I can’t think of any games in recent memory where I bought it and didn’t like it enough not to finish,” Henhowc for example noted. Several other gamers agreed, stating that some of their favorite games took a while to get going and they would have missed out on those experiences if they had dropped them too soon.

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Plenty of gamers also pointed out how the cost of games can be a factor in whether or not they feel compelled to finish them. Resetera user StarPhlox explained that “games I spend money on I finish about 99 out of 100 times. Something has to be seriously wrong and typically I don’t buy games that I don’t feel fairly certain I will love. If a game is on a subscription service and I’m not having fun with it after giving a fair chance, I’m ok to drop.”

When push comes to shove, the decision to finish video games or drop them is a personal one which depends on a variety of different factors. While some gamers prioritize enjoyment above all else, others feel compelled to finish a game for the sake of completion or to get good monetary value. As the games industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s likely this debate will continue. The most important thing however is for gamers to make their own decisions based on what they enjoy and what makes sense to them.

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