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GEN.G vs Paper Rex – VCT Pacific League Match Predictions

GEN.G vs Paper Rex – VCT Pacific League Match Predictions

Paper Rex vs Gen.G – VCT Pacific League Match Predictions

Gen.G started off the 2023 VCT Pacific League strong, taking wins in their first four matches. In the last three weeks however, they are fumbling every single encounter and are losing ground in the standings. Paper Rex on the other hand, are going through a win one lose one cycle, and are currently in a lose week.

Can Gen.G finally get a win on the board in the second part of the competition?

GEN.G vs Paper Rex – VCT Pacific League Match PredictionsGEN.G vs Paper Rex – VCT Pacific League Match Predictions

Source: Gen.G Esports

GEN.G vs Paper Rex Match Preview

Gen.G secured four wins to start off the season, yet fumbled against bottom ranked teams in two weeks running. Given Gen.G had previously competed in the North American VCT scene last year, we tend to expect this sort of things happening. Now they are facing a top tier team, and in our book they are actually favored.

Five out of seven of Gen.G’s past matches has Fracture amongst the maps in the best of 3 format, with Fracture usually being Gen.G’s first map pick. Paper Rex similarly have a clear map preference, with Pearl and Split being “their maps” in 75% of their past matches.

When compared head to head, its clear that both would want to play Fracture and Pearl respectively. The decider is key here, since both teams have very random records on all the other maps in rotation.

In my opinion, Gen.G do hold a slight advantage as despite recent defeats. The team is itching for a win after two “unlucky” deafeats to GE and Talon, and Paper Rex does seem a like team they can exploit.

Prediction: Gen.G 55% l Paper Rex 45%.

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