Genshin Impact Chart Shows Updated 4-star Waiting List for Version 3.6

Genshin Impact Chart Shows Updated 4-star Waiting List for Version 3.6

A Genshin Impact chart shows the four-star waiting list for the ongoing second phase of update 3.6. Every banner cycle in the game features one or two five-sta characters and three four-stars. Four-star units are generally much weaker, but this difference in power is compensated by the fact that players can level up their constellation much easier thanks to the 10-wish pity system.

This means that Genshin Impact players are guaranteed one of the featured four-star units within 10 wishes. In comparison, players can go up to 80 or 90 wishes before getting a five-star character and there is a 50% chance that it will feature one of the units from the Standard Banner which now includes a new character, the Pyro user Dehya.


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A Reddit user named RapidFresh has revealed a chart that ranks the game’s four-star characters by the number of consecutive updates they have not been featured on a banner. At the top of the list with 8 missed banners is the popular Cryo-claymore user Chongyun. Despite his young age, Chongyun is a famous Liyue exorcist who played an important role in the Geo nation’s official storyline. He is known as a decent sub-DPS or support character, especially for teams that need Cryo elemental application. Chongyun is also a member of the National team composition which is probably the most popular party type in the game as it features four free-to-play friendly characters.

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Another member of this party, Xiangling, is ranked second on this chart with 5 missed updates. Xiangling is widely considered the best off-field Pyro character in Genshin Impact thanks to her Elemental Burst, Pyronado which can deal tons of damage even when she gets swapped out. She is a must-have character for most team compositions that rely on triggering Pyro elemental reactions.

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The third spot in the list is shared between four characters: Noelle, Razor, Thoma, and Kazuha, all of whom have missed four consecutive updates. While Noelle is most commonly used as a shielder, she can also play the role of the main DPS if players manage to acquire her last constellation level which turns Noelle into a self-sustaining damage powerhouse.

Razor is by many considered the best four-star DPS character in Genshin Impact thanks to a simple kit that is easy to execute and build around. Shikanoin Heizou is also a four-star DPS who has one of the best combat animations in the game since he prefers close combat, despite being an Anemo catalyst user.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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