Genshin Impact Image Compares Playable Baizhu to His Original Look

Genshin Impact Image Compares Playable Baizhu to His Original Look

A Genshin Impact player creates an image that compares the playable version of Baizhu introduced this month and his original NPC look.

HoYoverse continues to bring new playable characters to the Genshin Impact roster, with Baizhu being the latest one, and an image going around compares his before and after looks. Genshin Impact characters get adjusted once in a while, with most of these changes revolving around their abilities, but Baizhu has received a bit of a physical transformation before becoming playable in the action RPG.

Because of the live service nature of Genshin Impact, fresh content is regularly added to the HoYoverse ARPG through patches, with the latest update including Baizhu, quests, and an expansion to Sumeru. Each of the Genshin Impact characters represents one of seven different elements including fire, cryo, and dendro, with each of them being stronger and weaker against certain enemies. Though Baizhu has been a Genshin Impact mainstay for a while, some fans are noticing some differences between him as he is in a playable state and his original form.


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Reddit user Longwinter1641 recently shared an image that juxtaposes Baizhu as he was before update 3.6 and as he appears in a Genshin Impact party. The key difference between the two nearly identical appearances of Baizhu is in his size, with the playable interpretation of the character being a little bit smaller all around. This size alteration not only affects the frame of the Genshin Impact dendro hero, as his clothing and trinkets have been shrunk to scale in order to adequately represent Baizhu in the same way he had been before update 3.6 and the limbs are noticeably different by comparison.

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Beyond the size difference between playable Genshin Impact’s Baizhu and his earlier form, he also has a different shirt, gauntlet, and shoes, and generally has more muted colors. Though many Genshin Impact fans are celebrating the changes made to Baizhu, some are lamenting that they can’t play as the initial version of the character. Players have known about Baizhu since update 1.0 when he was a Genshin Impact NPC, while the design change was seemingly made to the dendro character on April 12 before he was released as a playable hero on May 2.

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Because Genshin Impact players interacted with Baizhu as an NPC and learned that the character was sick, some are suggesting that his drastic weight change is attributable to his illness. As there are many Genshin Impact NPCs that haven’t become playable heroes, some of them may see changes similar to the ones Baizhu received if they’re made playable like the dendro hero.

Genshin Impact is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Switch version also in development.

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