Ghost of Tsushima: ‘Ghosts from the Past’ Walkthrough

In Ghost of Tsushima‘s first act, Jin Sakai sets out on the long journey towards rescuing his uncle, Lord Shimura, from Mongol captivity. The missions in this section were centered around the recruitment of surviving Samurai to the cause, and the creation of a tool that allows Jin to scale the walls of Mongol-occupied Castle Kaneda. All of Jin’s plans are put to the test in Act 1’s final mission, “Shadow of the Samurai,” in which Lord Sakai rids the castle of the invaders and rescue’s his uncle.


Following the completion of Act 1, and the segue mission “A New Horizon,” the game’s second act begins in earnest. Similar to Act 1, Act 2 begins by offering Jin three different missions to choose from. Given that it is the furthest from the starting point, and that it provides Jin with one of the best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima, this guide will focus on “Ghosts of the Past” as the first mission of Act 2.

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How to Start ‘Ghosts from the Past’ in Ghost of Tsushima


“Ghosts from the Past” is found in the north-west section of Toyotama, and can be difficult to reach if the correct path is not followed. While there are two other missions that Jin can technically begin first, many players will want to acquire the Sakai Clan Armor before moving on. There are other benefits to completing “Ghosts from the Past” first, most importantly the long string of fast-travel points that Jin will unlock on his long journey home.

Avoiding Yarikawa:

When traveling north from the small channel of land that leads into Akashima prefecture, Jin will want to avoid Yarikawa prefecture, which is found on the eastern coast of Toyotama. This area is heavily fortified with hordes of Mongols, and not meant to be crossed until Jin takes on the quest-line related to the area. Instead, try and stick to the western edge of Toyotama. Make sure to make the mission active in Jin’s journal, so the wind will guide him directly there.

Enter the Sakai Estate and Meet Yuriko



When Jin finally reaches Omi village, he will see several small buildings surrounding a large home structure. This entire area is Sakai Estate, Jin’s childhood home – at least before Lord Shimura took him in. Look for the mission marker that leads Jin to the correct house, and enter the building to begin looking for the Sakai family armor.

  • Look for your father’s armor

As soon as Jin enters the home, he will realize the armor appears to be missing. This is where Yuriko enters Ghost of Tsushima. She seems to have been one of the estates caretakers, possibly throughout Jin’s life. As the story plays out, it’s clear that these two have known each other for years.

After an initial burst of happiness at Jin’s survival, Yuriko lets him know that she safely hid the armor. Jin will follow Yuriko to meet Taichi, another caretaker on the estate grounds. Together they will encourage Jin to visit his fathers grave.

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Visit Kazumasa Sakai’s Grave and Reflect on Legacy (Haiku)


  • Visit your father’s grave


Follow the wind to the large clearing in the cemetery, it is very hard to miss. Jin will kneel among the falling leaves and compose a haiku in his father’s memory.

Composing the Legacy Haiku:


Just as with every haiku in Ghost of Tsushima, there are three lines to compose, each with three options.

Line 1:

  • I mourn my father (Grave)
  • Leaves shade my father (Top left)
  • Light for my father (Top right)

Line 2:

  • We used to meditate here (Ground)
  • His grave close, his soul distant (Sky – right)
  • I fought hard to return home (Tree – left)

Line 3:

  • Now I am alone (Bottom)
  • All things pass away (Middle)
  • This old tree lives on (Top)

Collect the Armor of Clan Sakai


After completing the Haiku, return to the house to retrieve Jin’s new armor.

  • Put on your father’s armor

To retrieve the armor, simply head back into the main parlor, where the armor had been shown missing. It is very clear that Jin still deals with his failure to save his father, and the armor is tied heavily into that failure in his mind.

Face the Straw Hat Ronin bandits:


As Jin and Yuriko speak, a voice is heard calling out to Jin, telling him to come out and face him. Donning his new armor, Jin heads out front to find what appear to be several Straw Hat Ronin.


The game wants Jin to engage in a standoff, as additional opponents are one of the key boons of the Sakai Clan Armor. This makes the Sakai armor one of the best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima.

Once the enemies are dealt with, head back and speak to Yuriko. It is clear her memory is beginning to fail her, as she thought the bandits to be members of clan Yarikawa. She and Jin head down to the lake, so she can rest. Along the way, Jin asks her about the poison she uses to kill vermin on the property.

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Get the Blowgun and Learn about Poison from Yuriko


The final task of the mission requires Jin to head to a specific area known for its reeds and create a blowgun he’ll use to poison Mongols.

  • Travel to the old crossing
  • Return to Yuriko

Jin will be traveling to Liberate Kishibe Village, a majot Mongol outpost. He is not required to clear it for the mission, but doing so will gain him the following rewards:

  • Technique Point
  • 2 Gold
  • Moderate Legend Increase


If the player would like to complete this task later, they need only retrieve the reed and exit. The reeds are located just under the bridge, as seen in the image. Once Jin has the reed, remember to return to Yuriko at the spot by the lake, not the house.

Finish the Poison with Yuriko


With blowgun in hand, Jin must follow Yuriko to find the flowers she’ll need to make the poison. The two riders will arrive at a small camp. Dismount and look for the purple flowers for Yuriko.

  • Follow Yuriko
  • Gather the flowers 3/3
  • Poison the Straw Hat Ronin
  • Speak to Yuriko


All the flowers are in the direct vicinity of the camp, and not difficult to find at all. After Yuriko finished brewing the poison, a small group of Straw Hats will conveniently stumble upon the camp. Use one of the darts on a single Straw Hat, and the other two will scurry away. Speak to Yuriko one last time to bring the mission to a close.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is available now on PS5. Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4.

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