God Of War Director Weighs In On The Ganondorf vs. Kratos Debate

God Of War Director Weighs In On The Ganondorf vs. Kratos Debate

Since Tears of the Kingdom’s launch is right around the corner, and with it the return of Ganondorf to The Legend of Zelda series, an age-old debate has been resurrected. The one in which Zelda fans and God of War players argue over who would win in a fight between Ganondorf and Kratos. This time though, the debate has generated so much traction, even God of War’s director Cory Barlog has weighed in with an opinion.

Deebeegeek is the Twitter user responsible for Kratos vs. Ganondorf being discussed again, asking gamers who they think might win in a world where the two of them are pitted against each other. Surprisingly, the replies appear to be pretty split. I say it’s surprising, I can’t decide who would win either. Both sides make valid points, citing that Ganondorf can just keep resurrecting, but also pointing out Link can beat him so Kratos shouldn’t have a problem.


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As noted, the discussion has generated enough heat for Barlog, someone who knows Kratos better than anyone, to get involved. The trouble is, the God of War director has decided to mess with us rather than give a straight and well-thought-out answer. “No clue who either of these dudes are but I put my money on the bad guy,” Barlog joked. While that suggests he thinks Ganondorf would beat Kratos, which is surprising, perhaps he’s implying Kratos looks like the villain in this scenario where he’s pretending not to know who he is.

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Clearly some people to have seen the tweet aren’t aware of who Barlog is. Enough people replied questioning why he commented on a post despite not knowing who the characters are that Barlog followed up with another joke. “It’s funny how people think I don’t know who Akuma and the guy from the Diablo trailer are.” This particular iteration of Ganondorf really does look like Akuma. I’m never going to be able to unsee that. Thanks, Cory.

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The impressive physiques of both the men in this battle have been celebrated in 2023. Many of you were falling over yourselves after getting a look at Tears of the Kingdom’s Ganondorf for the first time, and an entirely different group, although I’d hazard to guess there was plenty of crossover, celebrated being able to remove Kratos’s armor and see his nipples thanks to Ragnarok’s New Game Plus update. If you don’t mind Kratos being covered up, Ragnarok’s devs recently shared their favorite NG Plus builds.

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